Bad manga websites

Both ( and Focused Totality mention their frustrations with manga publishers’ web sites. Different ones: Dorian at postmodernbarney couldn’t find info on the newest yaoi titles on the Tokyopop website, while Mark Fossen at Focused Totality complains that the website given on the back cover of Yotsuba&!, published by ADV Manga, is wrong. In fact, Yotsuba&! wasn’t even on the site—I had the same experience and wound up linking to a fan site when I first mentioned the book. My own pet peeve is that Viz doesn’t have a search engine on their site, which makes some titles simply impossible to find without resorting to Google.
It seems that for a market as youth-oriented as manga, having a really good web presence should be a no-brainer. I’ve seen plenty of good fan and review sites; it’s the big boys who are dragging their feet.

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