He put the Z in PapercutZ

With their manga-style adaptation of Zorro, Papercutz continues its campaign to convert every book and movie from my childhood into glossy color comics. I’m looking forward to future announcements of manga starring Trixie Belden, Anne of Green Gables, and Encyclopedia Brown (“Like Hajime Kindaichi… only smart”).
The Zorro comics are already out, and the first graphic novel is slated for this month. It looks good, but it doesn’t look much like manga to me. Just looks like a comic. Nothin’ wrong with that.
On the other hand, if they weren’t marketing it as manga, I wouldn’t be able to blog about it.

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  1. Actually Anne of Green Gables is so popular in Japan, it was an anime series in the late 1970s, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there already was a Japanese manga version.

  2. Encyclopedia Brown! I loved those books when I was a kid… I was an uber-geek even back then!

  3. Jason,

    Then you’ll love this!