Young love

Lots of manga love down at Sequential Tart this month. The All Access offers a roundup of comics that deal with romance and are aimed at the 12 to 16 set. Their picks include Kare Kano, Socrates in Love, and Peach Fuzz. Meanwhile, feature writer Laura Bissey looks over the field of shoujo manga and finds herself less enthusiastic about some of these same titles—but as devoted as ever to Fruits Basket.

I find myself drawn to series that seem clever, with a sense of humor about themselves, and some moderate emotional depth. There’s not too much of the aforementioned patented shoujo angst.

The Wallflower and Paradise Kiss both make the cut as well. Elsewhere, the issue includes an article on love in manwha, and the Tart to Heart column focuses on relationships the writers either love or hate, which naturally brings to mind Hot Gimmick, a book that has raised a few eyebrows in other circles.

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