Quick links

I’m still buried under a huge project but hope to be done by the weekend. In the meantime, some fun things have popped up on the web.

At Mangacast, Ed and Jarred have posted the latest edition of Manga Curry No Maki, which looks at Basilisk ES, and Worst, and reveals the first winner of their contest.

Here’s a chance to legally read some Japanese manga online: Super Jump has put up some first chapters on their website. The instructions are in Japanese, but ComiPress, the source for this tidbit, has helpfully translated them:

To view the chapters, click on the titles (halfway down the page, will highlight red) and click the circular icon that says “1話まるごと試し読み”

That’s the top circular icon, if your Japanese is as bad as mine.

On Manga Island, Tony Salvaggio is looking at two Seven Seas entries, Unearthly and Captain Nemo.

The new Sequential Tart is up.

Chris Arrant has posted a thoughtful article on OEL manga at Comic Foundry. I’ll be commenting on this once my onslaught of work is over and I have time to think again.

Monkey Punch is coming to Metrocon.

Here is a cool photo of the entrance to a manga cafe.

It’s not manga, but British girls’ comics had a lot of the same appeal that shoujo manga has now, as well as similar structures and themes, so I was happy to see this blogger give a shout-out to my girls Bunty, Judy, and Mandy. (Via When Fangirls Attack.)

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