CPM in trouble?

Anime News Network is loading slow right now because of a hardware problem, but I pulled this off their RSS feed:

Central Park Media laid off the majority of its staff today, maintaining only a small number to deal with “loose ends.” We have been informed that “issues with creditors” arose last week, and the company is expected to file for bankruptcy next week. No further details about the creditor issues or bankruptcy filing are available.

Nothing about this at the CPM site, but I did note this press release saying they have just signed on with a new distributor as of June 1, and adding

Central Park Media plans an extensive slate of new book releases and maintains an active backlist of top-selling graphic novels.

Well, not any more.

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  1. Peter Tatara (CPM’s media rep) posted this message on AnimeonDVD’s message board:
    “Ahoy. CPM should be making an official statement Tuesday regarding the rumors. While I know a lot about what’s going on, I’d prefer for the company to make an announcement before I do. (In other words, I’m no longer with the company.)

    As for things like Wrath of the Ninja, Negadon, and VOTOMS, again, I’d prefer for CPM to issue a statement.

    Once everything’s public, we’ll see what if anything I can add. Personally, I can tell you I was let go Friday morning and spent Friday afternoon sending out some e-mails and resumes. Friday night, my girlfriend and I went to Iron Chef Morimoto’s restaurant. We’re (my girlfriend and I — not Morimoto and I) now spending Memorial Day Weekend together.

    Come Tuesday, I’m going to start officially looking for work. “


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