More on CPM troubles

Thanks to Adam Arnold for bringing this to my attention in comments on my earlier CPM piece:

Peter Tatara (CPM’s media rep) posted this message on AnimeonDVD’s message board:

“Ahoy. CPM should be making an official statement Tuesday regarding the rumors. While I know a lot about what’s going on, I’d prefer for the company to make an announcement before I do. (In other words, I’m no longer with the company.)

As for things like Wrath of the Ninja, Negadon, and VOTOMS, again, I’d prefer for CPM to issue a statement.

[Link added by me.] Peter will be looking for work as of Tuesday. On their main page, AoD adds

CPM had three panels scheduled for Anime Boston this weekend but nobody was here from the company to staff them and no reason was given why.

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  1. Oh no! Poor Peter. :( He’s really awesome at cons. I LOVED CPM’s panel at last year’s Otakon, mostly because of his gleeful announcements of the new yaoi books. ^_^

    Sad news… I’ve always kinda liked CPM…


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