Quick links and deep thoughts

You have to register to get it, but The Japan Times Online has a great story on manga by non-Japanese creators. They’ve noticed! The story is quite long and has great illustrations of work by Svetlana Chmakova, Frederic Bollet, and of course Fred Gallagher. I’ll post my thoughts on it later, but for now, as Spurge says, go, read! (Via Precocious Curmudgeon.)

Is it manga or is it manhwa? Or manhua? or is it just French? Test your stylistic knowledge in Telophase’s poll. She has posted 21 images, with the text removed, and readers can vote on what they think the provenance is. Answers are provided, but don’t spoil the fun by peeking!

The Ninja Consultant goes to Anime Boston. And, naturally, there is a podcast.

A blogger reflects on lessons learned from anime and manga: Not everyone who looks like a woman is a woman. In my generation, the song “Lola” served the same purpose. Via When Fangirls Attack, which also has a fine collection of links from one of my new discoveries, Yuricon.

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