Tony Salvaggio reviews Basilisk and Dogby Walks Alone in Calling Manga Island, and finds plenty to like about both of them.

Pata tips us to the next manga innovation: lawyer manga

Ed Chavez has been busy: At MangaCast, he reviews Madtown Hospital and Hotel California, both from Netcomics, and Battle Vixens, in addition to posting the Japanese manga magazine covers for the week.

At Completely Futile, Adam looks at weekly Japanese manga magazine sales.

Scary yaoi story from the Toronto Star. (Link is to a Livejournal page by sensorglitch because I couldn’t find the story on the Star’s site. And I found this on When Fangirls Attack.)

New blog alert: The Translation Dojo is the blog of Wiliam Flanagan, a translator who has worked on XXXHolic, School Rumble, and Tsubasa, among others. (He seems to do a lot of work for Del Rey.)

University of California, Irvine, is offering a course in anime and manga. Well, OK, it’s the UC Irvine Extension, but it’s still cool. It sounds like an applied manga course, actually:

Aimed at screenwriters seeking to expand their writing skills and passionate fans of manga and anime, the course will have students applying methods of story and character development found in manga to screenwriting, advertising, information publishing and other creative endeavors.

And the teacher is a professional screenwriter, Northrop Davis, whose anime/manga work includes successfully pitching Battle Angel Alita to Fox.

It sounds too good to be true, but according to this press release, a company called Stickam will be offering a free, live video feed of Anime Expo. Also, Mick Takeuchi, creator of Her Majesty’s Dog, will be there.

And I’m pulling this up from the comments, because it made me laugh: On the post below, about Del Rey, Jack Tse says,

Del Rey Manga itself is like a shonen manga in how it powers itself up every few months.

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