Anime Expo roundup

No, I’m not there, but Pata is, and he made it to CLAMP’s much-anticipated appearance:

their actual arrival was an absolutely electric moment, a swelling of anticipation that manga’s most well-known and yet most infamously reclusive artistic team had finally revealed itself to the Western world. For many fans, this was what they had come for. Seeing the quartet show their workspaces and answer questions was almost anti-climactic as a consequence, but there was no doubt, that this was manga and anime history being made, in this time and place.

In other AX news, Seven Seas announced two new manga licenses, Kashimashi Girl Meets Girl by Akahori Satoru and Kodomo no Jikan by Watashiya Kaoru. Love Manga follows up with cover images and (in the comments) a link to more about Kashimashi Girl Meets Girl.

At MangaCast, Ed has the rundown on the two new Broccoli titles, Galaxy Angel II and KonKonKokon. Again, David Taylor is quick off the mark with covers and comments.

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