MangaBlogCast #6: Notes and links

This week’s MangaBlogCast has a lot of news from San Diego Comic-Con, which was obviously the biggest event of the week, but there was plenty going on in the rest of the blogosphere as well. You can find podcasts of all the manga panels at MangaCast; I’m only going to link to the ones specifically mentioned in the podcast. ANN has a list of all the titles announced at the con.

I took a break from podcasting this week and left all the hard work to Jack, but I’ll be back in two weeks on the next edition of MangaBlogCast. In the meantime, stay tuned to MangaBlog for all your breaking manga news.

Here are the links for this week’s podcast:

The Yomis: The first-ever manga awards

San Diego Comic-Con Coverage

Del Rey panel
Mely’s take on Mushishi

CMX panel

Seven Seas panel
Broccoli’s announcement of E’s

Meanwhile, outside the convention center…

Tokyopop’s new website

New Tokyopop title: My Dead Girlfriend

Dirk Deppey interviews Dallas Middaugh for TCJ

Scanlations pop up in The New Statesmen

Comics sales up, graphic novels down
Top 100 graphic novels for June

Tania Del Rio on shy manga-kas
Love Manga responds

Osamu Tezuka videos

Bento Physics analyzes Nana

ANN interviews Jason DeAngelis and Adam Arnold of Seven Seas

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