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The LA Weekly has a nice article about Yoshihiro Tatsumi, but it doesn’t go into depth like this week’s PW Comics Weekly piece. If you only have time to read one, go with PW.

Ginger Mayerson of the Lincoln Heights Literary Society interviews Makoto Tateno, the creator of Yellow, and vanquishes a spider.

In her new Tokyopop column, Telophase, a.k.a. Stephanie Folse, explains how the roots of shoujo manga lie in the theater—and a railroad owner’s need to sell tickets.

Local boy makes good, writes Mail Order Ninja.

For our UK readers, the Tanoshimi site is live. David Taylor has a critique.

Here’s today’s question on Ask Dave Taylor:

Dave, do you know anything about Japanese comic books or “Manga”? An IM pal of mine has been trying to convince me to buy some of his hentai, which he says is an “adult” form of manga, but he gets all upset when I ask him about the stories in his books. So am I the only clueless person on the planet? What is Hentai?

Since it’s Dave Taylor, not David Taylor, we get an answer involving big eyes and a suggestion to do a Google search. Here’s my internet tip: Don’t buy manga from an “IM pal” who is reluctant to reveal its contents.

Wai Wai treats us to cold case files, manga-style: a crime fiction manga casts doubt on the identity of a real murderer.

The Japan Times reviews the Honey and Clover movie.

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