MangaBlogCast is up!

Check out the latest edition of the MangaBlogCast at MangaCast. This week, we take on the power list, direct market vs. chains, and panty shots. Here are the links:

ICv2’s Ten Most Powerful People in Manga
Precocious Curmudgeon
Icarus Comics
Love Manga’s first attempt last summer
Comics Worth Reading (includes the Next Ten on ICv2’s list)
Precocious Curmudgeon’s ten most creatively influential publishers list
MangaBlog’s ten most powerful bloggers list

Running the numbers

ICv2’s top ten manga properties
Discussion of sales at MangaBlog
Direct market sales figures for September
Dramacon 2 debuts at number 4 on BookScan

Bleach benefits from the Cartoon Network effect

Tanoshimi leaves thong unaltered in UK edition of Air Gear

Manga scholars discuss boxing funerals, fan subculture

Viz to sell Bleach merch “exclusively” in chain stores
Retailer objects
Deppey takes him down

Ken Akamatsu chat


Yaoi Suki’s Yaoi-Con page
New titles and cover scans from Love Manga
New OEL titles from Tina Anderson’s Tokyopop blog

New manga reference sites

Google manga directory


Ode to Kirihito
Museum of Terror, vol. 3
Oh My Goddess, vol. 4 *** release date is now January 2007
Style School, vol. 1 *** oops, don’t bother, release date isn’t till February 2007
Penguin Revolution, vol. 1

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