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Why do Japanese manga magazines use colored paper? ComiPress has the answer.

MangaCast wraps up its Yaoi-Con coverage with audio of the Watanabe Asia and BLU panels.

Also at MangaCast: links to previews of Eden, Boogiepop Dual, and Black Knight.

ANN has an interview with Amy Reeder Handley, author of Fool’s Gold.

On the ANN forums, Ali Kokmen of Del Rey notes that Broccoli has a new distributor and defends Diamond against a poster’s vague comment that there have been complaints. At Icarus Comics, Simon Jones picks up the thread and notes that complaints aren’t necessarily a bad thing—they show we care—and that if most of them are directed at Diamond, well, maybe it’s because Diamond is all there is.

I’ve been linking to Shaenon Garrity’s Livejournal a lot lately, so I was interested to find this interview with her on Comixpedia, in which she discusses manga and her own comics, Smithson, Narbonic, and Li’l Mell.

The Star of Malaysia has an article about the making of the Death Note movie.

JP Meyer is does a double take at by Dramacon 2.

At Comics Worth Reading, Johanna reviews volume 1 of Tail of the Moon. At MangaCast, Christian posts a text review of volume 2 of Emma.

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