Bookscan top 10

ICv2 has the Bookscan chart, which tracks graphic novels sold in bookstores, and this week brings a surprise: American comics! Well, more American comics than usual, with titles from both DC and Marvel making the top ten. I’ve unscrambled the list for your convenience:

1. Kingdom Hearts, vol. 1
2. Naruto, vol. 11
3. Hana Kimi, vol. 14
4. Loveless, vol. 3
5. The Marvel Encyclopedia
6. Bleach, vol. 15
7. Naruto, vol. 1
8. Dramacon, vol. 2
9. Infinite Crisis
10. Naruto, vol. 2

It’s worth noting that volume 1 of Bleach is number 13 on the list, presumably illustrating that “Cartoon Network effect” we’ve been hearing about. And every volume of Naruto is somewhere in the top 25.

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