Thursday links

If you’re curious what Marc Weidenbaum, the new VP of magazines at Viz looks like, ICv2 has a picture. They also report on Del Rey’s acquisition of Princess Resurrection:

The cute, but take-no-prisoners, chainsaw-wielding heroine of this series battles the forces of darkness with the help of a zombie servant and a robot sidekick—and the result is a bloodsoaked but stylish horror series with the body count of an Evil Dead movie.

Sounds like one for Ed and Jack.

More on the reviewer drama: the Newsarama blog summarizes the recent back-and-forth between reviewers and creators, and Josh Elder, creator of Mail Order Ninja, drops in to offer free copies of his book to anyone who wants to review it. And if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em: At The Engine, Elder announces that he will be the graphic novel reviewer for the Chicago Sun-Times.

At MangaCast, Ed is looking forward to winter Comiket.

Yaoi 911 reviews Rin! Alex describes it as a “coming-of-age archery romance,” which sounds, well, different. At Comics Worth Reading, Johanna enjoys Japan as Viewed by 17 Creators.

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  1. I can’t wait because I’ve been reading Strawberry Marshmallow and Yakitate! Japan too much these last few months. That’s not very MM4MM of me — Jarred would not be proud.

  2. No offense, but isn’t the reviewer drama a day late and a dollar short? And the title of the article is just bound to cause drama. The cig is lit, close the flip top on the lighter and move on.

  3. Jarred is already disappointed… we might have to assign you to review Shaman Warrior or some Ero-Manga soon to toughen you up.