Falling down the manga hole

We got a little surprise in the funnies today: Prickly City, a conservative-slanted newspaper strip with a wry sense of humor, has gone manga for the week. The reason: Cartoonist Scott Stantis is recovering from shoulder surgery, so artist Sarah White is filling in. You can see more of her work at her Deviant Art page.

Nominations are up for the Cybils, the Children’s and YA Bloggers’ Literary Awards, and there are a number of manga on the graphic novels list.

The Manga_Talk group has been busy lately. Draconianangel is asking whether readers prefer Viz or Tokyopop. A lively discussion ensues in the comments, and it seems like Viz wins out but nobody is super-enthusiastic about either one. Meanwhile, Homasse asks about translating the untranslatable, and again, the commenters come through. And Kate_nepveu posts detailed commentary on the art of Saiyuki.

Colleen Doran clears out her closets and finds some cool old drawings.

News briefs from ComiPress: 20th Century Boys is back and manga-ka Taira Hara has died.

Alan Payne, National Accounts Manager at Tokyopop, is leaving to become VP of sales at IDW.

David Welsh overhears a perplexed parent trying to buy manga.

This will help you whittle down the stack: an automatic manga reader. (Via ComiPress.)

The Ann Arbor News has a guide to Japanese culture in Michigan, “from Ypsilanti to Chelsea.”

At the Star of Malaysia, Kurogane reviews Viz’s Densha Otoko.

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  1. Interesting— Little Butterfly volume 1 must be the first manga ever to have an “explicit content” label *and* be nominated for a Young Adult award XD

    (Volume 1 IS fairly kidsafe; the label is really because of content in future volumes.)

  2. Thanks for the link to Colleen’s blog with assorted pieces from her long history of manga-style artwork :) The Patalliro art is trippy to see, as are her earlier attempts. One can only imagine what would of happened if she’d convincted DC or Marvel to let her use Shojo style artwork at the time.

  3. Cybils, the Children’s and YA Bloggers’ Literary Awards

    Is it me, or does it just seem like this list is…random. Too random. Almost, like…here’s a list of manga with young looking titles…random?


  4. The Prickly City guest cartoonist’s name is actually Sarah White. I’ve been watching her for a couple of years over on DA – she’s come an amazing distance in those two years and gets better with every drawing. Definitely one to keep an eye on in the future.


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