Locating The Building Opposite

While everyone else was scanning blurry photos of The Beguiling, hoping to catch a glimpse of the elusive number one manga of 2006, The Building Opposite, I decided to take the direct route and e-mailed the company. I got a nice response from Stephen Robson of Fanfare, which should clear up the mystery:

We had scheduled the book as a Spring 2007 release to the mainstream US and will be shipping copies in by the end of January to our distributor.

In the meantime, for those desperate souls, they can either:

1. Learn Spanish quickly :>)

2. Visit their local comic store and order it on Diamond code MAY063123 [for your nearest store call 888-COMIC-BOOK or visit www.comicshoplocator.com]. It will take some weeks for this to arrive – or maybe they will have a copy left!

3. You are welcome to give my email out and I will deal with requests on an individual basis. Please ask that they put THE BUILDING OPPOSITE as the subject so they are not condemned to Spam World forever and a day!!

It truly is a delightful book.

OK, peeps, try your comic store first, but if you run up against a dead end, and you can’t wait until the end of January, e-mail me (address is up on the right) and I’ll forward Stephen’s e-mail. Note that the book was originally published in French, so if you’re a Francophone, you’re in luck. Here is the Amazon page for the French edition, L’Immeuble d’en Face, which is worth a click for the very different cover image. And check out the publisher’s page, which includes some previews.

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  1. […] Answering a question from last week, Brigid Alverson learns from the publisher that the Fanfare/Ponent Mon edition of Vanyda’s The Building Opposite will be solicited through Diamond next year. On a related note, emails from several retailers confirm that the second volume of Jiro Taniguchi’s The Times of Botchan was indeed solicited through Diamond earlier in the year; I was simply confused by the fact that no retailer in Seattle had it, and it isn’t available through Amazon.com. (Above: sequence from The Building Opposite, taken from the previews available on the publisher’s website. Copyright unknown — ordinarily I’d guess it was “©Vanyda,” but where French publishers are concerned, it’s a total flip of the coin whether the artists themselves actually hold the copyright to an original book. Which is weird, but there you are.) […]