Wednesday quick links

PWCW has an article about manwha that covers differences in content and the overall publishing culture.

David Welsh takes a look back at 2006 in his Flipped column and finds steady growth but nothing too exciting. Here’s his wish for this year: “And maybe 2007 will be The Year of Josei.” From your keyboard to the publishers’ ears, David.

German blogger Myk has an interesting post comparing publishing schedules in the U.S. and Germany. (Via Precocious Curmudgeon.)

Hazel wraps up her look at January 2007 debuts with her top four picks.

The Comiket crowd checks in: Ed Chavez nearly gets run over by the fujoshi while Erica Friedman watches TV and buys novels.

Did Santa disappoint you this year? Tuffy at Fan Dumb has some awesome schwag, and some of it is even free. Or you could order the new Cantarella poster from the ALA. If you just want some kickass manga, try the brand-new Go!Comi online store. They’re offering free shipping until Jan. 14. And if you’re flat broke but in need of a good read, check out the Vertical blog, where Anne Ishii is giving away galleys of To Terra…, but only for the next few days.

It’s Manga Monday at Comics-and-more, where Dave Ferraro goes from one extreme to another with reviews of vol 1 of Fruits Basket and vol. 3 of The Drifting Classroom. At Anime on DVD, Jarred Pine reviews both volumes of Boogiepop Dual. At Active Anime, Blake Waymire reviews vol. 10 of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle and Holly Ellingwood has an advance look at vol. 14 of From Far Away. And speaking of manwha, Kethylia gets a little cynical herself about vol. 1 of Cynical Orange.

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  1. I thought I was going to be killed that day. I mean the guys purposely run into you and you can see them from a mile away. The bags/luggage on wheels take out your ankles and knees with such stealth it should be applied by the military… And for me, a fan of the fujoshi and their ability to look good even in the cold I was often caught off guard.


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