It’s a MangaBlogCast morning

The latest MangaBlogCast is up, and it’s worth ten minutes of your life just to hear Jack’s dramatic reading of the plot of Make 5 Wishes. Here are the links:

Avril Lavigne enters the mangasphere

Roundup of PR and reactions
Joshua Dysart’s defense

Manga takes top honor at Angouleme

MangaBlog post with link to preview of Non Non Ba
NY Arts interview with Mizuki
More on Mizuki

In defense of manga

Jakala: No, it doesn’t all look alike
Mely: Even shoujo manga doesn’t all look alike
Simon Jones: Anyway, Fantagraphics publishes manga. Ero manga.

Abandoning Tokyopop?

Campbell comments that he is taking The Abandoned elsewhere, without Rylie
Johanna Draper Carlson has more; read the comments thread
Ross Campbell’s blog

New titles watch

New yaoi from DMP: Don’t Say Anymore Darling and Not Enough Time.
New comedy from DMP: Heroes are Extinct
Christopher Hart will write, not draw, The Reformed
Andre finds Mw (some other interesting stuff there as well)
More on Mw from MangaCast; confirmation in comments

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  1. I’m digging this sweet 10 minute MBC format. It’s very cute and the episodes are not long winded.