PWCW top ten for February

I don’t know how they do this—psychics?—but Publisher’s Weekly Comics Week has its top-ten bestseller list for February up, and it’s all manga:

1. Death Note, Vol. 9
2. Fullmetal Alchemist, Vol. 11
3. Vampire Knight, Vol. 1
4. One Piece: It’s All Right!, Vol. 13
5. Black Cat, Vol. 16
6. Ouran High School Host Club, Vol. 8
7. Shaman King, Vol. 11
8. Punch!, Vol. 2
9. Inuyasha, Vol. 28
10. W Juliet, Vol. 14

It’s interesting how many of these are late volumes of long-running series. PWCW always throws in a couple of other titles that didn’t quite make the top ten; I used to think it was because they wanted something in there that’s not manga, but as one of them is +Anima, maybe it’s just that these are titles the editors think are interesting and deserve a bit of attention.

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  1. Getting picked up by Scholasic for their book fairs could very well make +Anime one of TP’s biggest books, which is nice to see for something without a mass media tiein as of yet.

  2. Black Cat Volume 16…?

    I think/hope they mean Volume 6.