Sunday Reviews

Everybody is busy reviewing books, so I’m going to just list them all in one big post after the cut. I’m working on a number of them myself, but life and paying work keep getting in the way. Look for a burst of them at the end of the week. In the meantime, here’s what everyone else is saying.

Active Anime

vol. 3 of Air Gear
vol. 7 of Golgo 13
vol. 5 of Guru Guru Pon Chan
vol. 19 of Knights of the Zodiac

Anime on DVD

Tsubasa Character Guide

BasuGasuBakuhatsu Anime Blog

vol. 3 of Yotsuba&!

Comics Worth Reading

vol. 8 of Mushashi #9


vol. 8 of Nodame Cantabile, vol. 4 of School Rumble,
vol. 1 of Kitchen Princess

Manga Life

vol. 2 of O-Parts Hunter.


vol. 4 of Aishiteruze Baby
vol. 3 of ES Eternal Sabbath


vol. 2 of Satsuma Gishiden

Prospero’s Manga

vol. 1 of Gravitation EX
vol. 1 of Vampire Knight

Slightly Biased Manga

vol. 3 of +Anima
vol. 2 of After School Nightmare
vol. 5 of Immortal Rain
vol. 1 of Kashimashi
Lies & Kisses
vol. 6 of Lupin III
vol. 4 of Pastel
vol. 13 of Video Girl Ai
vol. 14 of Video Girl Ai
vol. 15 of Video Girl Ai

The Star (Malaysia)

Die Todliche Dolis [The Deadly Dolis]
vol. 1 of Goong: The Royal Palace
vol. 1 of Hayate the Combat Butler

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