Pi in the sky

Happy Pi Day everyone! Yes, it’s 3.14 (in U.S. notation), a rough approximation of that magic number, and it’s also Albert Einstein’s birthday. In celebration, I give you two off-topic links: a way to calculate pi by throwing frozen hot dogs and the story of the Indiana State Legislature’s attempt to legislate a rational value for pi. As the daughter of a math professor in Indiana, I literally heard that story from the time I was a kid. Be sure to eat something round today to celebrate! (We’re having pizza.)

OK, back to manga. ICv2 picks up the story of declining manga sales and adds that anime is dropping as well.

PWCW serves up two yaoi-tinged articles by Kai-Ming Cha this week, one about Iris Press, the other about Media Blasters’ new emphasis on yaoi.

Ed posts audio of the NYCC Netcomics panel at MangaCast.

Wednesday is New Comics Day, and David Welsh, Comicsnob’s Matt Blind, and the newly shoujo-enhanced MangaCast crew give their takes.

Newsarama’s Matt Brady presents part two of his discussion of why Naruto is so awesome.

Viz announced two new licenses in this month’s Shojo Beat: Fall in Love Like a Comic and Sand Chronicles.

T Campbell and Amy Mebberson’s Divalicious is due out today, and Johanna has a preview.

Reviews: David Welsh enjoys vol. 1 of Innocent Bird. Emily’s Random Shoujo Manga Page presents reviews of two unlicensed manga, Otomen and Goshuujin-sama to Watashi (Master and Me). Erica Friedman looks at another unlicensed title, vol. 1 of Twinkle Saber Nova, at Okazu. At Active Anime, Holly Ellingwood reviews vol. 1 of Kamui and vol. 1 of Innocent Bird. At the Mangamaniaccafe, Julie is reading vol. 4 of VS Versus. Prospero’s Manga has reviews of vols. 2 and 3 of Suzuka,vol. 1 of Pastel, and vol. 1 of Thunderbolt Boys Excite. At Slightly Biased Manga, Connie reviews vols. 6 through 11 of Trigun Maximum; just scroll down to read ’em all. Katherine Dacey-Tsuei reads vol. 1 of Gyakushu for PopCultureShock and concludes: good art, terrible dialogue. She has posted a preview so you can see for yourself. At Anime on DVD, Danielle Van Gorder reviews vol. 1 of Ichigenme: The First Class is Civil Law. ANN’s Carl Kimlinger reviews vol. 12 of Hot Gimmick. And down at the Comic Book Bin, Leroy Derousseaux checks out vol. 1 of CMX’s Densha Otoko.

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  1. Today is White Day, also. Happy White Day!

  2. Yes, Happy White Day, everyone.


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  3. It’s also Black Day. SAD Black Day!

  4. Isn’t there a black day in April?