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Here’s the scoop of the day: MangaCast reports that the Japanese publisher Libre is claiming that Central Park Media is publishing its books without authorization:

We wish to make it known that these publications are considered illegal because they have not been authorized by us. It should also be known that the cartoonists and authors are being victimized by this illegal act, and they are very annoyed by it.

The message goes on to say that they are taking “strong action” against CPM, whose BL arm is BeBeautiful. More commentary at Guns, Guys, and Yaoi. On the Yaoi Suki forum (registration required, and you must be over 18), posters are speculating that Libre is just using a scare tactic to get a better deal. Developing…

Also on Yaoi Suki, Jen Parker has a nice primer on Fumi Yoshinaga.

What makes a classic? Robin Brenner has some thoughts at No Flying, No Tights.

Covering the German manga scene, Elae has the latest on Tokyopop and The Wild Side.

Robots Never Sleep takes a look at Eiga ni Ke ga Sanbon! (Three Hairs on a Movie), movie reviews in manga form by Sexy Voice and Robo creator Iou Kuroda.

Down at the Tokyopop blogs, ChunHyang72 rounds up the latest news, including a Technicolor post from Stu Levy himself, and editor Tim Beedle has recommended reading for would-be manga-kas.

Reviews: At Read About Comics, Greg McElhatton enjoys vol. 1 of Mail. AoD’s Matthew Alexander gives vol. 1 of Metamo Kiss a solid B. At Active Anime, Holly Ellingwood reviews vol. 2 of La Corda D’Oro, vol. 2 of Kamui, vol. 12 of Mar, vol. 4 of Kaze Hikaru, and the stand-alone yaoi manga Seven. Meanwhile, Christopher Seaman checks out vol. 4 of ES: Eternal Sabbath and Scott Campbell looks over vol. 12 of Eyeshield 21. At the Mangamaniaccafe Julie gives a tepid rating to vol. 1 of Go Go Heaven!! At Slightly Biased Manga, Connie enjoys vol. 7 of Astro Boy and vol. 1 of Saint Seiya but is a little disappointed with vol. 1 of Moon and Sandals. She also finds time to review all five volumes of Les Bijoux.

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  1. Sorry, there is a mistake with Yaru Chapter One in the Tpop mannga player. We’re working with Tokyopop to get this sorted out and the manga player will be changed tomorrow. Some of the pages are old and will not be in the book.

    Mary Hildebrandt (Lime)

  2. P.S.

    The book Yaru was done while on dialysis and post transplant some pages were revamped. I was really sick at the beginning of the book. Guess I could have left them as it shows huge shifts and the transformation that occurred in our lives. This was the second book ( Evergrey is the other manga) David and I created during the dialysis and kidney transplant journey. Yaru is certainly a visual document of our most incredible life experience and you can actually see the shift in illustration, layout and storytelling through the entire book ( Hey dialysis, transplant and tons of life saving drugs can do that to ya!). For us, working on both Evergrey and Yaru was and continues to be a healing process and it shows. In the story we delve into metaphysical realms, the supernatural, life after death, Egyptian Afterlife ( Yaru means Golden Fields of the Egyptian Afterlife) ghosts sprinkled with the usual struggles in teen romance and trying to figure out where one belongs in this world.

    No worries, it’s not heavy…just a lot of humor, romance, darkness and light, with an abundance of weirdness and the perfect mix of strange, cute and bizarre characters




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