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I’m posting late tonight because I had a busy day, but I couldn’t let this go by: Manga Jouhou’s Floating_Sakura contacted Libre and asked what was going on with CPM. (Background here, if you’re coming to the party late.) Amazingly, they answered. Their explanation was that when the Japanese publisher Biblos went bankrupt last year, all the licensing contracts were terminated, but CPM has been going forward anyway. Everyone goes over to Icarus (NSFW!) to comment, and Simon muses about some hypothetical cases.

Naruto slips to number 48 on the USA Today Booklist, which is, inexplicably, dated 12/24/1899. Fullmetal Alchemist slips one notch, to 131.

The shopping news: David Welsh looks over the revamped Borders Rewards program, which doesn’t seem to be as good as the old un-revamped Rewards program. As always, lots of folks show up in comments to compare notes. John Jakala wonders if he could do better.

Mely looks over the week’s comics and has good news about the latest volume of Bleach. The MangaCast gang pick their favorites as well.

At Comics Worth Reading Johanna rounds up reviews of To Terra.

New titles watch: Lillian DP confirms the new Tokyopop titles spotted by MangaCast a couple of days ago. DrMaster announces Chinese Hero and the shipping of Eternal Alice Key Rondo #2—I’m not sure why that would be a big deal, but I’m sure someone will clue me in. Meanwhile, Adam Arnold reveals that Seven Seas’ light novels will be delayed.

Reviews: Jack Tse does a podcast review of vol. 1 of Mushishi and vol. 7 of Beck at MangaCast. Manganews has a bouquet of reviews for us: Floating_Sakura on vol. 2 of 9 Faces of Love, anitra on vol. 1 of Yakitate!! Japan and vol. 1 of Saver, and YoJoey on Digimon Zero Two. Manga Maniac Julie checks out vol. 4 of Yakitate!! Japan and vol. 16 of Boys Over Flowers. Blogcritics’ Bill Sherman reviews vol. 1 of Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service.

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  1. That good news about the latest volume of Bleach was a lie! Bait-and-switch! False advertising! Oh, the broken promises of lesbian ninja fanservice!

  2. I don’t shop at Borders enough to truly take advantage of all their membership deals – I actually made enough purchases over the holidays to qualify for a “shopping day”, but I think I only had to buy one thing there the qualifying month, and I already had one of the weekly 20% or 25% off coupons that they send me anyway. The coupons are nice (usually coming to about a dollar off a manga volume, or almost two if it’s “Death Note”), and I did notice that this week they emailed me the coupon on Wednesday instead of the usual Thursday (I have to print them at work the next day, so on weeks when I had Friday off, no deals for that weekend).


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