Late night wrapup

Shaenon Garrity has another Overlooked Manga Festival up, and this week she goes all classy with a peek at Fanfare/Ponent Mon’s Doing Time.

And here are some really cool 4-koma cartoons. I like the maid/shark one the best, because it sort of made sense. (Via Journalista.)

I’m a little late with this, but ChunHyang72 posted a new Manga Minute on Friday and she’s dug up some really cool stuff, including New Yorker cartoons for your cell phone.

At Newsarama, Chris Arrant interviews Kurt Hassler and Rich Johnson about Yen Press and their plans for the future.

Robots Never Sleep goes shopping.

The Newtype USA blog has a little more info on their new CLAMP title, Kobato.

Deutsche Mangaka has a brief excerpt of an interview with Anike Hage.

Tomo Kimura has posted some notes on her translation of vol. 3 of Skip Beat.

The Avril Lavigne manga seems to be getting some press. I like this:

The rocker said she decided to step into comics after noticing the backpacks of her fans.

“I know that many of my fans read manga, and I’m really excited to be involved in creating stories I know they will enjoy,” she said.

So just think, your Inu Yasha messenger bag could have been the spark that got this whole thing started!

More likely she read an article like this, about how the kids are reading the manga—and making their own. At the Honolulu Star-Bulletin, Jason Yadao takes an advance peek at the book, Make 5 Wishes.

Meanwhile, the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs hires Detective Conan to explain what exactly it is they do.

Looks like the Bristol (UK) Comics Expo will have an eclectic manga lineup.

For the purists out there, the revised edition of vol. 1 of Air Gear, with the original text restored (no, not the Japanese, just some dialogue that was changed) goes on sale on May 4. Look for the words “Revised Edition” on the back cover.

Before we launch into the reviews, congratulations to Ferdinand and Miranda at Prospero’s Manga on their first blogiversary. If you haven’t checked them out, go take a look. Their reviews are pithy and to the point, and I always get a chuckle out of their little capsule summaries.

Reviews: At PopCultureShock, Katherine Dacey-Tsuei reviews vol. 3 of Genju no Seiza and vol. 1 of tactics. Active Anime’s Holly Ellingwood reviews vol. 16 of Fruits Basket and vol. 4 of Battle Club. Danielle Van Gorder reviews vol. 1 of Saver for Anime on DVD. At the Mangamaniaccafe, Julie checks out vol. 4 of The Recipe for Gertrude, vol. 7 of Claymore, and vol. 2 of Shaman Warrior. Erica Friedman reviews vol. 1 of Cutie Honey a Go Go, which not only hasn’t made it into English but never even made it to volume 2—and she thinks that’s a shame. In this week’s Flipped column, David Welsh reviews vol. 1’s of Black Sun Silver Moon and Shakugan no Shana. Connie of Slightly Biased Manga has been busy, with reviews up of vols. 1, 2, and 3 of Cain Saga, vol. 24 of Oh My Goddess, vol. 6 of Reiko the Zombie Shop, vol. 1 of Click, and vol. 3 of Dokebi Bride. At The Star of Malaysia, Kitty Sensei checks out vol. 1 of Your and My Secret.

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  1. Aww man! That Fruits Basket review is so convincing.. it really hit it off on the third volume and was totally fun to read! It’s nice to know that it’s still good by volume 16. That and Fullmetal Alchemist. Fortunately, most of the other series I’m following are done (Azumanga Daioh, .hack, Chobits, Recipe for Gertrude which is actually pretty okay!) or I am or am nearly caught up with them (Sugar Sugar Rune, Evangelion: Angelic Days).