A few quick links

Work, graduations, graduations, work… I’ll have a bigger, juicier post soon, but for the moment, here are a few highlights from today’s news and commentary.

Yen Press has announced two new titles: Y Square, by German manga artist Judith Park, and the manga versions of the Kids WB show World of Quest.

Is laughter the best medicine? David Welsh reviews three allegedly funny manga, Strawberry 100%, Gin Tama, and My Heavenly Hockey Club, in this week’s Flipped column.

ComiPress writer Isaac Alexander lists all the English-language anime and manga magazines he can find, with some info on each. And Hesei Democracy reviews the newest addition, Otaku USA, which officially debuts today.

Reviews: At Okazu, Erica Friedman reviews vol. 5 of Hana no Asuka-gumi. At the Mangamaniaccafe, Julie checks out vol. 6 of Skip Beat, vol. 3 of Peach Girl: Sae’s Story, and vol. 3 of Inu Baka: Crazy for Dogs. At Comics Worth Reading, Rob Vollmar gives thumbs up to vol. 1 of Phoenix, by Osamu Tezuka. The Manga Life crowd has been busy: Dan Polley reviews vol. 4 of The Empty Empire and vol. 9 of Nodame Cantabile, and Javier Lugo reviews InuYasha Profiles, vol. 2 of Dragon Drive, and vols. 1-4 of R.O.D. Read or Dream.

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  1. from Hesei’s review, Otaku USA looks rather a lot better than I was expecting. Hope I can track down a copy to check out.

  2. Y Square? That is exciting news! We posted previously on Y Square and Judith here: tinyurl.com/2em6u8

  3. Otaku USA is pretty great- of note to manga blogging fans is that Ed Chavez has a column called Manga Cast, while Overlooked Manga Festival’s Shaenon Garrity cohelms Fujoshi USA with Jason Thompson [of frighteninglyhugemangaencyclopedia fame].

  4. I’ve only paged through Otaku USA but so far I’m pretty impressed. I’d like it if the manga reviews were a bit longer and more critical (right now many of them read mainly like plot summaries, but they’re well-written at least and did serve to pique my curiosity in a couple titles I’ll have to watch out for). Really, my only complaint is about the cover design: The text is hard to read due to the awful neon colors they used. I was hoping it would improve next issue, but looking at their website design I’m worried we’re going to be seeing a lot more of that ugly blue/green/pink combo if they’re the official mag colors.