It’s almost the weekend, and here’s a treat to get you started: Lea Hernandez has put Cathedral Child up on the web for free, as a thank-you to all the fans who helped out after her house was destroyed in a fire. It’s beautifully drawn and has a couple of nice twists; I reviewed it yesterday on Digital Strips.

Seven Seas president Jason DeAngelis talks about the cutthroat world of licensing in his latest blog post. It’s a bit shy on specifics but the webcomic next to it is hilarious.

BookListWatch: Manga continues to occupy the lower reaches of the USA Today Booklist, with vol. 14 of Negima debuting at number 94, vol. 19 of Bleach rising to number 104, and vol. 14 of Naruto slipping to number 118.

Mangaijin has relaunched as a manga review blog, with a focus on scanlations and stuff you won’t find anywhere else, like this Harry Potter doujinshi. Go check it out!

Speaking of things you won’t find anywhere else: Hulk Hogan manga! (Via The Comics Reporter.)

Blog@Newsarama is reporting that Chinese authorities seized almost 6,000 copies of Death Note.

According to a circular issued by the agency tasked with fighting illegal publications, “Death Note stories contain elements of mystery, death and revenge, and are harmful to children’s psychological development.”

But that’s what makes it good! Aren’t mystery, death, and revenge the underpinnings of almost all literature?

Local news watch: Teenager gets hooked on manga, then draws her own.

At TZG2.0, Myk reveals what he’s buying this week.

Reviews: At Slightly Biased Manga, Connie reviews vols. 1, 2, and 3 of Elemental Gelade and vol. 2 of Stray Little Devil. Kethylia likes vol. 3 of Tuxedo Gin better than the first two. At Active Anime, Scott Campbell checks out vol. 11 of Zatch Bell and Holly Ellingwood reads vol. 26 of Oh My Goddess. Julie reviews vol. 17 of Boys Over Flowers at the Mangamaniaccafe. At Manga Life, Michael Aronson likes vol. 7 of Tezuka’s Buddha. At Every Day Is Like Wednesday, J. Caleb Mozzocco reviews a slew of decent manga. (Via When Fangirls Attack.) Patricia Beard checks out Seven at Anime on DVD. At the BasuGasuBakuhatsu Anime Blog, Hung checks out vol. 2 of VS. Versus.

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  1. The real danger to children’s psychological development is Deathnote’s (at times) head-spinningly convoluted plots.


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