Weekend reading

Divalicious creators T Campbell and Amy Mebberson have some fun with the plot of newspaper strip For Better or For Worse. Don’t know what they’re talking about? Check here for background and here for Shaenon Garrity’s impassioned essay on why Anthony is not the man for Liz. And yes, that’s T and Amy in the last panel of T’s webcomic.

Shaenon Garrity has a special literary Overlooked Manga Festival this week.

There’s a flurry of activity over at MangaCast, where Ed links to previews of The Last Uniform, XHybrid, and Premature Priest; finds a new manga carried in an English magazine; anticipates Anime Expo and the summer con season; and completes the list of new releases from Japan.

Chris Mautner pens a brief overview of Nouvelle Manga and short reviews of a handful of Fanfare/Ponent Mon titles for the Patriot-News.

Business Wire takes a look at the Tokyopop vocabulary guides with a nice twist on the standard “Pow! Bam!” headline.

At Manga Life, Park Cooper does some Q&A with Dan Hipp, Phil Amara, and the creators of Dark Moon Diary.

There’s still time to enter the Same Hat 4-koma contest and win a copy of Junji Ito’s Flesh-Colored Horror manga. Also, if you told them you’d like a copy of their mini-comic, check the list for your name.

The sharp-eyed scouts at Anime on DVD find a few new Tokyopop titles on Amazon.

A manga musical? Johanna has the scoop.

Reviews: Kethylia reviews vols. 1, 2, and 3 of Eden: It’s an Endless World. Mangamaniac Julie reviews vol. 2 of Phoenix for MangaCast. At Prospero’s Manga, Ferdinand reviews vol. 1 of Dragon Eye. and The Twelve Kingdoms, Sea of Shadows. Okazu’s Erica Friedman checks out vol. 2 of Rakka Ryuusui. Jog reads vol. 9 of Golgo 13. At Mecha Mecha Media, John Thomas has a nice long review, with scans, of vol. 1 of MPD Psycho. Matt Brady checks out vol. 1 of Gyakushu!

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