Quick AX news

ComiPress has me totally beat here: They have managed to dig up every possible post on the internet about Anime Expo. I’ll just give you the executive summary; check the links for more detail. And if you don’t see something here, check yesterday’s post.

Broccoli: Their panel mostly highlighted upcoming titles; the only new announcement seems to be the World of Disgaea 2 Artbook and the Disgaea novel. Also, they’re hiring. (Via Advanced Media Network.)

CMX: The big news here is that the heretofore PG line is going to release M-rated titles, starting with Presents, Orfina, and Variante. These titles will be shrink-wrapped, larger than the other manga, and more expensive. Tenjho Tenge will also go to an M rating, but not an X, so some scenes may still be altered. They also let slip that they would be publishing Shirley, by Emma manga-ka Kaoru Mori. (Via MangaCast.)

DMP: New titles: Family Complex, by Mikiyo Tsuda; Flamboyant, an art book by Hakua Ugetsu (character designer for Burst Angel). No more volumes of Robot will be published because it is “stuck in licensing hell.” A new division, DMP Platinum, will be publishing the original Speed Racer manga. (Via ANN.)

Go!Comi: New titles: A Wise Man Sleeps, by Mick Takeuchi (creator of Her Majesty’s Dog); Angel’s Coffin, by Yuu Higuri; Cy-Believers; Kamisama Kazoku (God Family). In other news, they hinted around some more about their mystery project, which they also mentioned at NYCC; it’s called O-Play and may be something like a visual novel. (Via Anime Online.)

Viz: I didn’t see any new manga in the reports, but they went over upcoming titles and some new light novels, Brave Story and Dragon Sword and Wind Child. (Via Manga Maniac Cafe.)

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