Still more from AX

Once again, ComiPress posts every link in the known universe, so go there for comprehensive coverage. But here are the highlights:

Dark Horse: They actually had some new series to announce: The three Blood+ series, the Blood+ novels, Ghost Talker’s Daydream, the Gantz manga, The Colors of Rage, by Kazuo Koike, and two light novels, A Wind Named Amnesia and Invader Summer. Carl Horn reaffirmed the company’s commitment to seinen (i.e. Manly Manga for Manly Men.) They also confirmed that Museum of Terror has been discontinued and revealed that Reiko the Zombie Shop is on hiatus and the color version of Oh My Goddess is delayed for production reasons. (Via Advanced Media Network and ANN.)

DrMaster: Two new titles: Phantom, a full-color one-shot by Yasashi Suzuki, and Metro Survive. And they’re looking to do more shoujo. (Via Anime Online.)

EigoManga: I haven’t heard about these guys in a while. They are licensing an edu-manga, Palbot & Mr. Kim Come to America, and an adaptation of The Last Unicorn. (Via Anime Online.)

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