Waiting for the news

It’s a quiet news day—it seems like everyone is at SDCC, and things are under way, but the manga news reports haven’t started rolling in yet. General comics bloggers are all checking in, but at the moment, all I’m seeing from the mangasphere are early reports from One Potato Two and the Broccoli blog. Expect a deluge shortly.

Blogger James Vance comments on the sins of the manga pirates. (Via The Comics Reporter.)

Newsarama talks to Jeremy Ross about Tokyopop’s “digital strategy.” (Via Manganews.)

Erica Friedman has written a beginner’s guide to yuri for Afterellen.com.

Madeline Rosca has more of her adventures in Japan as runner-up in the international manga competition.

New York Magazine’s Vulture blog has a somewhat NSFW preview of Osamu Tezuka’s Apollo’s Song. (Via Blog@Newsarama.)

Yaoi Press hears from a male reader.

Congratulations to Connie of Slightly Biased Manga on her third blogiversary!

Reviews: At Slightly Biased Manga, Connie looks at vol. 8 of Astro Boy. The Anime on DVD reviewers have a new batch of Small Bodied Manga Reviews up. At Comics Worth Reading, Johanna reviews the Harlequin Violet manga Response. Julie checks out vol. 1 of Gon at the Manga Maniac Cafe. At Manga Life, Lisa Anderson reviews vol. 1 of Red String and Dan Polley reads Abandon the Old in Tokyo. Active Anime’s Christopher Seaman reviews vol. 6 of Old Boy and vol. 4 of Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny, Scott Campbell looks at vol. 2 of Mushishi, and Holly Ellingwood checks out vol. 3 of Kitchen Princess and vol. 3 of Shaman Warrior. At Okazu, Erica Friedman reviews vol. 1 of Yuri Hime Selection. At Otaku Champloo, Khursten looks at the classic Japanese manga Touch. Miranda reviews vol. 1 of Alive and Ferdinand checks out the Minx title Clubbing at Prospero’s Manga. Savage Critic Jeff Lester reviews vol. 6 of The Drifting Classroom. And No Flying, No Tights updates with a long list of recent reviews.

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  1. […] Defying what has until now been popular wisdom, Yamila Abraham of Yaoi Press discusses the allure of Japanese same-sex romance comics for gay male readers. (Above: I think panels like this one, from the first volume of Youka Nitta’s Embracing Love, might account for the phenomenon; ©1999 Youka Nitta, English translation ©2005 A18 Corporation. Link via Brigid Alverson.) […]