News from other places

San Diego Comic-Con is in full swing, and we’ll be covering it as the news dribbles out, but there’s plenty going on in other venues.

The USA Today Top 150 is heavily dominated by Harry Potter this week (he takes four of the top five spots) but vol. 15 of Naruto does move up two notches, from 60 to 58.

At Sporadic Sequential, John Jakala notices something odd about the sound effects in Kekkaishi.

Here’s another reason to wish you had an iPhone: MANGA!

VOICE-BANK(CEO: Yoshihide Kinokawa), Inc. announced at Red Herring 2007 “Insight Japan” that they will start delivering MANGA for iPhone users in the US with Digital Manga Association Japan (Chairman: Monkey Punch).

They had me at (Chairman: Monkey Punch).

Variety reports that Chinese officials shut down a Death Note fan site. (Via Journalista.)

New to the blogroll: a geek by any other name, by a former blogger for the late Anime Online. Blogger gia is at SDCC and providing a steady stream of news, so check it out.

Reviews: At the Manga Maniac Cafe, Julie checks out vol. 18 of Boys Over Flowers. Holly Ellingwood reviews vol. 7 of Buso Renkin and vol. 3 of My Hime. Comic Pants has another Manga Zubon column with lots of new reviews and, in the comments, lures a new reader to Gon.

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