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Recently, at The Beat, everyone was talking about what actual teenage girls think of the Minx line. One thing that emerged in comments is that DC isn’t marketing it enough towards readers of YA works, rather than manga readers. Working with HarperCollins, Tokyopop seems to be going after those YA readers with a fairly safe strategy—take a property that is already popular on its own and produce a graphic novel based on it—same characters, new story. That put the Warriors manga on the charts; now they are gambling that YA novelist Ellen Schreiber can do it again for them. By happy coincidence, the artist for this book, rem, just won Kodansha’s international manga competition, so the book should get an extra boost from that. Details after the cut.

Nothing ‘Dullsville’ Here as Ellen Schreiber Pens First Manga for
TOKYOPOP and HarperCollins!


All New Manga Presents Original Side Story to Best-Selling Vampire Kisses Novels

Los Angeles, CA (August 21, 2007)- TOKYOPOP, the leader of the Global Manga Revolution and Katherine Tegen Books, an imprint of HarperCollinsChildren’s Books, are pleased to announce the September 2007 release of Vampire Kisses: Blood Relatives, the first installment of a three-part manga series based on the wonderfully funny popular teen novels, Vampire Kisses. Written by critically acclaimed author Ellen Schreiber (Teenage Mermaid, Comedy Girl, Vampire Kisses) with art by rem, who was also the first winner of TOKYOPOP’s popular Rising Stars of Manga competition with her entry Devil’s Candy, Vampire Kisses: Blood Relatives expands on the endearing tales of teen angst and Goth romance in Schreiber’s best-selling novels.

According to author Ellen Schreiber, “I’m a big fan of manga and always wanted to write a graphic novel. When TOKYOPOP and HarperCollins approached me about turning Vampire Kisses into a manga, I was ecstatic. I had the best of both worlds—creating more stories with Raven and Alexander and seeing them come to life through breathtaking artwork. It was a dream come true!”

Julie Lansky, Ellen Schreiber’s HarperCollins editor, adds, “It’s been very exciting collaborating with TOKYOPOP and Ellen Schreiber to transform the world of Vampire Kisses into a fully-illustrated manga. We’re so delighted to be bringing all of the adventure, Goth romance, and one-of-a-kind characters of Ellen’s popular series—a perfect match for manga—to a new audience!”

Says TOKYOPOP editor Alexis Kirsch: “Ellen Schreiber’s story about a Goth girl living in a small town while dating a vampire is exactly the kind of tale that I figured would attract manga fans. By teaming her
with an amazing artist such as rem, this project has become the most visually beautiful book I’ve ever worked on. rem’s uncanny knack for fashion has main character Raven wearing a unique outfit in every scene and really captures the Goth style perfectly.”

The absolute last thing Goth girl Raven and her vampire boyfriend Alexander need is another hitch in their night-time only romance-but dark trouble hovers on the horizon when Raven and Alexander discover four freshly dug graves filled with empty coffins. When a crew of dodgy vampires takes up residence in Dullsville’s lonely graveyard, Alexander finds this motley bunch is led by his very own blood-sucking cousin, Claude Sterling. Claude and his creepy crew can only spell out more problems for the pair, especially when Raven finds them in daylight attending Dullsville High-shocking! What could Claude and his invaders be doing-or searching for-in Dullsville?

Just in time for Halloween, Vampire Kisses: Blood Relatives will be in stores in September, 2007.

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  1. I cant wait till the next vampire kisses book comes out I mean there the best serise ive ever read!

    mikala in wichita kansas v-v

  2. I personaly loved the book the only thing that made me mad was that she ended the book saying because I love you now that is what I can’t stand about vampire books now those of you out there who are into vampire books with romance you should so check out twilight,New Moon,and Eclipse that is the new york times best selling series by Stephenie Meyer.

  3. wow what a great writing

  4. I Love the Vampire Kisses they are 3 greatesed books in history 1 is the bible, 2 is Twilight , and the 3 is Vampire Kisses :)