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Newsarama talks to Tokyopop editor Tim Beedle about the Jim Henson properties he’s working on, Return to Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal. The interview includes lots of art to feast your eyes on.

At his new blog, Authentic Mango, Isaac (a.k.a. qshoe1989) summarizes the high points of the Tezuka panel at the Asian Art Museum. Apparently the editors were in a relaxed mood and let a few things slip: Dark Horse is planning more Tezuka titles, Vertical will be publishing more Tezuka but no Moto Hagio, Viz is planning more Tezuka, the last volume of Off*Beat is delayed until August 2008 (boo!), and an astonishing bit that I still don’t quite believe: Udon Entertainment is picking up Robot? UPDATE: Oh, OK Isaac, I believe you!

Otakuisme? The Japan Times takes the measure of the French obsession with anime and manga by looking at this year’s Japan Expo in Paris. (Via Blog@Newsarama.)

Afraid you’re missing something? At MangaCast, Ed Chavez posts a podcast of the SDCC panel Viz Media: You Oughtta Know… About These Manga. Also, Ed shows off some military-themed doujinshi and Readilbert takes a look at the Indonesian shoujo manga magazine HanaLala.

David Welsh devotes this week’s Flipped column to his love of Tekkonkinkreet.

Kawaii demystified: At Mecha Mecha Media, John T links to an informative chart that explains the dimensions of cuteness.

At TheOtaku, Gia reports that Tezuka Productions intends to release Osamu Tezuka’s manga in digital form—and in color. (Via ComiPress.)

Previews and PR: At MangaCast, Ed links to previews of High School Girls, Path of the Assassin, and the ero title Heat and posts publisher’s info on vol. 7 of Dark Edge. ANN points to a preview of Heroes Are Extinct.

Reviews: At Anime on DVD, Patricia Beard gives high marks to vol. 1 of Flower of Life. At Manga Life, Dan Polley reviews vol. 1 of Samurai Commando, and vol. 10 of Nodame Cantabile, while Michael Aronson checks out Blue Spring, vol. 25 of Iron Wok Jan, and vol. 6 of Astro Boy. Nick gives vol. 1 of My Dead Girlfriend a B+ at Hobotaku. At Comics-and-More, Dave Ferraro devotes Manga Monday to a string of brief reviews. At Active Anime, Holly Ellingwood reviews Star and vol. 19 of Red River, Scott Campbell takes a look at vol. 1 of Heaven, and Christopher Seaman critiques Cosplay: Catgirls and Other Critters. Mangamaniac Julie takes an early look at Baku at the MangaCast and posts reviews of vol. 4 of Nodame Cantabile, Nabi the Prototype, vol. 2 of La Corda d’Oro, vol. 1 of Rure, vol. 1 of Muhyo & Roji’s Bureau of Supernatural Investigation, and vol. 19 of Boys Over Flowers.

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