New week, new manga

At Manga Recon, Katherine Dacey-Tsuei looks over this week’s yaoi-heavy new manga list and reviews a few recent releases.

Meanwhile, Comicsnob Matt Blind looks at last week’s top manga series (online sales) and the top 100 volumes, and he also files a field report on Anime Weekend Atlanta and a belated report on DragonCon.

Global manga: lame copycats or an authentic movement of its own? At The Star of Malaysia, Elizabeth Tai tackles the question and Max Loh and Kurogane talk to local readers.

Back from Japan, Christopher Butcher fires another volley in his debate with Dirk Deppey over which books to recommend to a reader looking for mature manga: obscure and arty or relatively accessible? Dirk responds (scroll down to the “Manga” heading).

Aspiring manga-ka Takeshi Miyazawa has an interview with Shueisha and finds a warmer reception than he got at Kodansha.

Will scanlators be the next group of workers to lose their jobs to automation? Fuji Xerox has developed a photocopier that not only copies, it translates text from Japanese or Korean to English.

The machine works by networking with a dedicated translation server while simultaneously using various programs to distinguish between actual words and, say, a coffee stain.

Of course, given the helpfulness of current translation programs, I don’t think the Mangascreener folks have too much to worry about. (Via Simon Jones.)

Reviews: At Slightly Biased Manga, Connie reviews vol. 1 of Le Chevalier d’Eon, vol. 2 of Hoshin Engi, vol. 7 of Saint Seiya, and vol. 2 of Black Sun, Silver Moon. Borderline Hikikomori likes vol. 1 of Kino no Tabe (novel), except for a few minor issues. Jen Parker gives decent marks to The Lily and The Rose at Yaoi Suki. Ferdinand reviews vol. 1 of Aoi House in Love and vol. 1 of Cherry Juice at Prospero’s Manga. ANN’s Theron Martin enjoys vol. 9 of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order. At Active Anime, Scott Campbell reviews Tekkonkinkreet and vol. 2 of Dragon Eye, Christopher Seaman looks at vol. 8 of Pastel, and Holly Ellingwood gets a sneak preview of L’Etoile Solitaire. Michelle gives an A- to vol. 7 of Bleach at Soliloquy in Blue. The Manga Life staff reviews a mixed bag of books: vol. 1 of Octopus Girl, Hideshi Hino’s Living Corpse, vol. 5 of Emma, vol. 2 of MPD Psycho, vol. 8 of Hellsing, vol. 30 of InuYasha, and vol. 2 of Love Hina. Nick gives passing marks to vol. 1 of Poison Candy at Hobotaku. Mangamaniac Julie reviews vol. 2 of Pearl Pink at MangaCast. Back at the Manga Maniac Cafe, she checks out Just My Luck and vol. 4 of Baby and Me and makes some comments on the production quality of vol. 1 of The Key to the Kingdom. Kethylia reviews Spring Fever, from new publisher Aurora’s yaoi imprint, Deux.

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