MangaNEXT news, new titles, and more

News from MangaNEXT: MangaCast has the new title announcements, and covers, from Del Rey and Media Blasters. Ed also posts the latest segment of the Big List of new releases in Japan.

The Weekly Recon takes a look at this week’s new releases and offers brief reviews of some new titles.

At Comicsnob, Matt Blind discusses his sources for online rankings and lists the top 25 manga series and top 100 volumes, based on online sales.

I initially didn’t bother reading this interview with Dan Marks of Viz, because I thought it was just about anime. About halfway down in this second part, however, the interviewer asks about downloadable manga. Executive summary: They’re looking into it, but it’s not a big deal. Yet.

ComiPress translates an interview with Ukio Takano, who has started a museum of old rental manga in Japan.

The Yaoi Awards continue at Yaoi Suki.

John Jakala has been having fun all week imagining unlikely comics pairings, but Keroro vs. Elmo is his best one yet. The Shocking Plot Twist explains a lot, to my mind, about the Elmoverse.

Nana translator Tomo Kimura checks out the Nana mobile phone site.

Reviews: At the Comic Book Bin, Leroy Douresseaux reviews vol. 1 of Shinsoku Kiss. Patricia Beard enjoys Stolen Heart and Gary Thompson gives vol. 1 of The Devil Within a mixed review at Anime on DVD. It was a busy weekend at MangaCast, where Readilbert checks out Manga: The Complete Guide, Hahapages reads vol. 1 of RahXephon, Mangamaniac Julie checks out Virtuoso de Amore, and Ed does a podcast review of vol. 1 of MPD Psycho and vol. 3 of Mail. Johanna winnows down the stack of new manga at Comics Worth Reading, with reviews of vol. 1 of Flock of Angels and vol. 1 of Nightmares for Sale, both from new publisher Aurora, and a short look at some upcoming CMX volumes. Michelle checks out vol. 16 of Hana-Kimi at Solioquy in Blue. At Manga Life, Craig Johnson reviews vol. 1 of Style School and Michael Aronson checks out vol. 2 of Bleach, vol. 1 of xxxHOLiC, vol. 5 of Adolf, and Lost World. Active Anime’s staff has been busy: Scott Campbell reviews vol. 2 of My Heavenly Hockey Club, Katie Gallant checks out vol. 20 of Knights of the Zodiac, and Holly Ellingwood reads vol. 1 of Murder Princess and vol. 4 of Passion. Julie looks over vol. 1 of I Shall Never Return and Manga Literary Classics: Treasure Island at the Manga Maniac Cafe. At Mecha Mecha Media, John T is impressed by Manga: The Complete Guide.

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  1. How odd that we would find out the ultimate truth about Elmo in the same week that Tokyopop Elmo makes his return appearance — this time in a dreaded holiday edition (thankfully, there’s no thumbnail) (yet… but the cover art will no doubt be revealed after the eldritch ceremony to summon his furry red evil is complete)

    Though perhaps even Tokyopop has reason to fear the Elmo: I can find listings elsewhere using the number for this beast (9781595328274) but there is no listing on the T’pop site. At least on the *official* site…

  2. I completely forgot that Tokyopop published those Elmo cine-manga. That should make it easier to put out the crossover since both characters share a common publisher!


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