New comics, old series

David Welsh lists his picks from this week’s new comics and takes a look at Jason Thompson’s Manga: The Complete Guide, complete with a roundup of interviews and commentary. In his Flipped column, he checks in on several ongoing series to see how they are holding up.

In a similar vein, Johanna Draper Carlson catches up with some series she had dropped.

The anime of Nymphet (Kodomo no Jikan) has been canceled in Japan, apparently because of concern about a recent series of violent crimes involving young people, although the producer isn’t necessarily buying that. (Via Journalista.)

ICv2 has more on the new manga announced by Del Rey and Media Blasters at MangaNEXT. Also, Giapet’s minion files a con report from MangaNEXT.

Librarians in Washington state have nominated vol. 1 of Death Note for a YA book award.

John Jakala does a thought experiment: What if manga artists were drawing Marvel series?

Congratulations to blogger John Thomas on the first anniversary of Mecha Mecha Media!

Japan Probe finds a picture of Sailor Moon’s great-grandmother (not really, but it does seem to be the first sailor-style school uniform).

Christopher Butcher goes to Akibahara.

Reviews: Tiamat’s Disciple posts an overview of Addicted to Curry. Michael Aronson reviews vol. 6 of Vagabond and vol. 3 of Love Hina at Manga Life. At Coffeeandink, Mely likes vol. 1 of The Key to the Kingdom despite a rocky start. At Active Anime, Holly Ellingwood checks out vol. 8 of Tsukuyomi Moon Phase and Davey C. Jones reviews vol. 5 of Battle Club. Ferdinand reviews vol. 1 of Pick of the Litter at Prospero’s Manga. Brian Henson checks out vol. 1 of Fantamir at Anime on DVD. Julie enjoys vol. 1 of Demon Flowers at the Manga Maniac Cafe. EvilOmar posts a series of short reviews at About Heroes. At du9, Tanuki reviews Yotsuba&! Johanna Eubank of the Arizona Daily Star reviews With the Light.

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  1. Thanks for the 1st Anniversary shout-out. It snuck up on me…