Jason Thompson’s big day, artists’ fanart, and more

Although Manga: The Complete Guide has already started making the rounds, the big launch party is tonight. To celebrate, former housemate Patrick Macias revisits a 2006 article about Thompson and Shaenon Garrity turns the Overlooked Manga Festival over to him for a second week of hilarious dissections of the worst manga in English. At PopCultureShock’s Manga Recon blog, Erin F. reviews the book and scrutinizes the ratings of some of her most and least favorite manga.

At the French blog du9, Xavier Guilbert has a lengthy analysis of facial features in manga, focusing on the “big eyes” stereotype.

At MangaCast, Ed Chavez provides a peek at something we seldom see over here: Doujinshi and other offbeat works by established manga artists.

Kethylia files a brief MangaNEXT con report.

The New York Anime Festival folks have announced some more guests, including Katsushi Ota, editor of Kodansha’s Faust magazine; cosplay photographer Elena Dorfman; and Josh Elder, the author of Mail Order Ninja.

Taiwanese officials are asking teachers to keep an eye on kids who read Death Note, but the kids say it’s no big deal.

Reviews: J. Bowers looks at vol. 4 of Welcome to the NHK at Playback:stl. At the Manga Maniac Cafe, Julie takes an early look at vol. 11 of Kekkaishi. John Jakala enjoys the change of pace in vol. 21 of Bleach. Michelle picks an earlier point in the series and reviews vol. 8 of Bleach at Soliloquy in Blue. Dan Polley checks out vol. 6 of Sugar Sugar Rune at Manga Life. Nick is bored by Aishiteruze Baby** at Hobotaku. Ferdinand reviews the 18+ title Swing Out Sisters at Prospero’s Manga. Kurishojo checks out June Pride at Manganews. If you can read French, check out Xavier Guilbert’s analysis of Hideshi Hino’s The Red Snake at du9. Writing for the Daily Yomiuri, staff writer Cristoph Mark reviews vol. 1 of Gente: Ristorante no Hitobito.

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