Snow day

We had big snow out here in the Northeast yesterday, and we’re expecting more on the weekend. Now that I work for the mayor, I still enjoy the pretty flakes but I also see them as dollars flying away (plowing is expensive!). Anyway, usually being snowed in means more blogging, not less, but my sister and her family are moving to a new house today, so posts will be short for a day or two as I’m being drafted to help.

Heidi MacDonald puts NYAF in perspective at The Beat.

Christopher Butcher writes about writing his article on yaoi for gay men.

Naruto rules the USA Today Booklist once more, with vol. 27 at number 55, vol. 26 at number 67, and vol. 25 at number 79.

The latest issue of Otaku USA is on newsstands, with Naruto on the cover!

With the end of the year looming, Johanna Draper Carlson discusses the manga she’s still reading and the year’s biggest disappointment: Death Note.

Aurora has relaunched their website, as well as sites for their yaoi imprint Deux and their “ladies comics” line LuvLuv. It’s all very pretty, so go take a look. (Via Yaoi Suki.)

Reviews: Tangognat likes Manga: The Complete Guide. At Prospero’s Manga, Ferdinand reviews vol. 1 of The Other Side of the Mirror, vol. 1 of Shinshoku Kiss, and the 18+ title Midara. At the Manga Maniac Cafe, Julie has vol. 1 of My Heavenly Hockey Club, vol. 1 of Fall in Love Like a Comic, vol. 7 of ES: Eternal Sabbath, and Kazuo Umezu’s Reptilia stacked on the table. Michelle reads vols. 20 and 21 of Hana-Kimi and vol. 9 of xxxHolic at Soliloquy in Blue.

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