Naughty and nice

Erica Friedman counts down the top ten yuri manga of 2007, five in English and five in Japanese, at Okazu.

ANN reports that the Japanese publisher Kodansha has apologized for unwittingly publishing a manga with images plagiarized from Death Note, MPD-Psycho, and Air Gear in its Weekly Shonen Magazine Extra: Magazine Dragon. Follow the link for links to side-by-side comparisons. Also: The Japanese government plans to spread the gospel of anime and manga to Eastern Europe.

The 11th Japan Media Arts Festival releases its recommended works, including Sgt. Frog and Fullmetal Alchemist.

ComiPress has a blog!

Gia rounds up last week’s Death Note incidents.

Reporters from The Star of Malaysia report on last week’s Comic Fiesta and answer a concerned mother’s questions about manga.

Shizuki posts some more Christmas cards at Industry Babble.

Reviews: Here’s a nice pre-Christmas gift: After a lengthy absence from the blogosphere, Emily’s Random Shoujo Manga Page is back with new reviews of Animal Jungle, Secret Kiss, Kimi no Kiss de Furete, and Chocolate Cosmos. David Welsh has some brief comments on vol. 3 of Wild Adapter. At the Manga Maniac Cafe, Julie reviews vol. 1 of High School Debut, After I Win, vol. 2 of My Heavenly Hockey Club, and vol. 3 of Love*Com. Michelle gives vol. 2 of The Last Uniform a C- at Soliloquy in Blue. Tiamat’s Disciple posts overviews of Gunsmith Cats, Yubisaki Milk Tea, and Recast. Dan Polley reviews vol. 1 of Juror 13 and Between the Sheets, and Michael Aronson checks out vol. 4 of Claymore, at Manga Life. Tangognat enjoys vol. 1 of Suppli. At Slightly Biased Manga, Connie reviews vol. 17 of Fruits Basket, Reptilia, vols. 3 and 4 of Iron Wok Jan, Cain Saga 5: Seal of the Red Ram 2, vol. 10 of Hikaru No Go, vol. 1 of Variante, vol. 8 of Nana, vol. 4 of Princess Princess, and vol. 13 of Astro Boy. Ed Chavez pans Vampire Hunter D and SunDome in a podcast review at MangaCast. Jog posts a lengthy review of Reptilia. At The Star of Malaysia, Tom Baker reviews vols. 17-19 of Detective Conan, Kurogane reads vol. 1 of Shinsoku Kiss, and an anonymous reviewer takes on vol. 10 of RG Veda.

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  1. Ugh, the background image at ANN…I’d forgot what a boys club that place can be sometimes. >.>

  2. Yeah, sorry about that. There used to be a way to change it but I didn’t stick around long enough to look for it.

  3. *smiles* I know fanservice is a normal part of many manga hubs, but even Icarus Blogs current top bar is less offensive. Now that’s saying something… sorry Simon!

  4. Happy holidays Brigid :)

  5. Morgie Morg says:

    ok umm im not sure wat exactly kind of conversation this is and i didnt get to see the top ten best books or whatever but im just tryin to find people who agree with me when i say that the series Kare First Love should definately be a tv show or at least a movie here in America because i was extremely sad to see it end and i know several people in my school and city that would support it so im tryin to get others to join me and others to get it publiscized here….except i have no idea how….any ideas???

  6. Morgie Morg says:

    i would also like to point out that i also think that Cased Closed with detective Conan needs to be put back on the air on Adult Swim because i was so into it that i recorded it everyday
    so again i need help….any ideas??