Looking ahead

The Otaku lists this week’s new manga. And Manly Manga and More has the February releases for Germany.

Ed Chavez has info on new titles from Del Rey and Broccoli.

David Welsh lists the manga nominated for awards at the Angouleme comics festival in France.

About.com readers vote Mushishi the best seinen manga of 2007.

One Potato Two explains Japanese toilets.

Erica Friedman reports on her book signing in NYC last week.

Reviews: Eric Turner reviews vol. 1 of Aqua at Manga Jouhou. At the MangaCast, Eva reviews Body Language, MangaManiac checks out Crushing Love, and Erin Finnegan reads vol. 12 of Phoenix, which actually predates the rest of the series. Connie reviews vol. 2 of Offered, vol. 2 of Andromeda Stories, vol. 8 of Cantarella, vol. 12 of Lupin III, vol. 2 of Kedamono Damono, vol. 21 of GetBackers, Garden Dreams, and vol. 3 of Warriors of Tao at Slightly Biased Manga. Ferdinand checks out King of the Lamp at Prospero’s Manga, and his alter ego Billy Aguiar reviews vol. 1 of Hell Girl at CBGXtra. Tangognat enjoys Monkey High. Julie is not impressed with vol. 3 of I Hate You More Than Anyone! at the Manga Maniac Cafe. The Manga Junkie enjoys Fumi Yoshinaga’s Ooku, which is unlikely to be licensed here because of its slow release schedule in Japan. At Comics-and-More, Dave Ferraro laughed out loud at vol. 1 of My Heavenly Hockey Club. Michelle reviews vols. 11 and 12 of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle at Soliloquy in Blue.

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