PR: DrMaster to publish Magic Lovers Tower

Gee, there’s nothing at all Freudian about that title, is there? Seriously, I spot a mini-trend here: DrMaster is releasing both volumes of this two-volume series simultaneously, just as Del Rey is publishing the first two volumes Fairy Tail simultaneously in March. It seems to me someone else is doing that as well, but I can’t recall who. Anyway, this is DrMaster’s press release, so read on for the details of their newest title.


SAN JOSE, CA – January, 2008 – DrMaster has just announced the publication of Magic Lover’s Tower, a two-volume series. It will definitely grant your wish for an enchanting story of love, fantasy, and all that heart-wrenching love-triangle drama!

Roxanne, the nerdy class cleanliness rep, is secretly in love with the bad boy of the class, Logan. One day she accidentally releases Baphalen, a magic being who was sealed in a painting by the Heavenly Courts as punishment. Baphalen is the celestial guardian of the incense urn of the Old Man Under the Moon, and possesses the fantastic Magic Lover’s Staff. He decides to use his Magic Lover’s Staff to help Roxanne get her wish of winning Logan’s heart.

However, in order for her wish to be fulfilled, Roxanne must participate in a magical game in the realm of the Magic Lover’s Tower. She is given several chances to enter the fantasy world of the Magic Lover’s Tower, where she must get Logan to kiss her and say “I love you.” However, she is only allowed fifteen minutes for each time she enters the fantasy world, and if she fails to complete her tasks within the time limit, Logan will hate her even more than before when she returns to real world!

In the meantime, Baphalen moves into Roxanne’s home and starts attending her school as well. Commotion ensues, and Roxanne’s once-peaceful life soon heads off in a totally unexpected direction. What is going to happen now? Who will Roxanne love, Baphalen or Logan? To make this love triangle more complicated, a lady appears out of nowhere and claims that she loves Logan as well! Will Roxanne and Logan eventually be together? Don’t miss out on the magic, drama and romance in Magic Lover’s Tower!

About the Author
Kao Yung was born in Taiwan, where he grew up and graduated from the National Chengchi University, Department of Law. He is known as “The Godfather of Beauty” because of his elegant works and detailed stories that posses both depth and charm. Many of his works have gained recognition and won awards. In fact, Kao’s works are so renowned that they have been translated and published outside Taiwan, in countries like Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, and Thailand.

Both volumes will be released together and shipped out on May 2008. Each volume will be priced at $9.95. Visit for more detailed series information.

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