Long weekend linkblogging

Good news at the MangaCast: Fan support has ensured that Dark Horse will publish at least three more volumes of Eden: It’s an Endless World. Also: Ed Chavez posts the rest of the Japanese new release list and some new title announcements from 801. Over at Sleep Is For the Weak, Lianne Sentar warns that one of those new titles, Black Sun, is not for the faint of heart.

Also not for the faint of heart: David Welsh lists manga that walk on the dark side at Precocious Curmudgeon.

Jason Thompson writes about cell phone manga in general, and Guilstein in particular, in his latest comiXology column.

Erica Friedman rounds up the latest news in the world of yuri at Okazu, including the fact that creators are now being considered for vol. 6 of Yuri Monogatari.

The Times (UK) is the latest newspaper to discover The Manga Bible.

Same Hat scans the Shintaro Kago interview and comics that recently appeared in Vice, saving us the trouble of getting the actual magazine, which looks pretty nasty.

For those who follow the market, Brian Hibbs has posted his annual analysis of the Bookscan graphic novel numbers at Newsarama. You should read the whole thing, as there are lots of caveats, including the fact that it only represents one slice of a huge and varied market. David Welsh has some comments, and Johanna Draper Carlson looks at the question of Minx, with an interesting speculation about why that line exists at all, at Comics Worth Reading. Meanwhile, Paul Collins has evidence that things aren’t going too swimmingly for Japanese bookstores at Weekend Stubble.

ComiPress translates an article about the first Manga Grand Prize, which will be announced in March.

This isn’t accessible to me because I’m a Mac user, but I’ll pass along the news: The visual novel True Remembrance is available in English. It’s free and non-ero. (Via Heisei Democracy.) Also from HD: The English version of Akiba Blog is now live, as is Akibanana. Click at your own risk; images may be NSFW.

Roland Kelts writes about a manga street performer in Japan. (Via Kotaku.)

Open Education has an introduction to manga in the classroom, including some recommendations by PopCultureShock’s Katherine Dacey.

Editorial Director Gary Steinman has left PiQ magazine, the Newtype USA replacement, shortly before its March launch. And Gia notes that their website is up.

Coming up in March: SPLAT, a graphic novel symposium at the New York Center of Independent Publishing. Looks awesome!

Youka Nitta will be a guest at this year’s YaoiCon. (Via Yaoi Suki.) Gia points out that this could be interesting, as Nitta’s work is licensed by Libre.

The Star of Malaysia covers a recent appearance by Paul Duffield, one of the creators of Self Made Hero’s Shakespeare manga.

At Manga Recon, Katherine Dacey takes an early look at the Aranzi Aronzo craft book Cute Stuff

Reviews: Guest reviewer Chloe Ferguson checks out the Demon Ororon omnibus at PopCultureShock’s Manga Recon blog. Huamulan03 reviews an obscure shoujo manga, Ghost Only, at Japanator. Erica Friedman reads vol. 2 of Tetragrammaton Labyrinth (guaranteed yuri-free!) and Parian no Sono (yuri but in a weird way). Julie reviews vol. 1 of I Wish… and vol. 11 of Claymore at the Manga Maniac Cafe and vol. 2 of Vanilla at MangaCast. At Precocious Curmudgeon, David Welsh feels vol. 3 of King of Thorn can’t match up to Dragon Head. Lissa Pattillo checks out vol. 1 of Mail at Kuri-ousity. Kethylia turns thumbs down on Poison Cherry Drive but enjoys Portus and the light novel Calling You. Ferdinand checks out vol. 1 of Minima! at Prospero’s Manga, and he links to an older review of vols. 1 and 2 of Boogiepop Doesn’t Laugh at CBGXtra. Michelle reviews vol. 1 of Venus in Love and vol. 22 of Hana-Kimi at Soliloquy in Blue. There’s a trio of new reviews up at Manga Jouhou: SnowCleo on My Paranoid Next Door Neighbor and Lissa Pattillo on vol. 3 of Love is Like a Hurricane and vol. 5 of Princess Princess. At Slightly Biased Manga, Connie comments on vol. 1 of Manga Sutra, vol. 7 of Loveless, vol. 10 of Ouran High School Host Club, vol. 28 of Oh My Goddess, vol. 13 of Boys Be…, vol. 3 of Berserk, vol. 2 of Tarot Cafe, and vol. 3 of Mai the Psychic Girl. The young folks take over at Manga Xanadu, where Krissy comments on Let’s Find Pokemon! and Jenny reviews vol. 2 of Dragon Drive. Kevin Tan reviews vol. 1 of The Guin Saga: The Seven Magi for The Star of Malaysia. Julie Gray checks out vol. 1 of Psycho Busters at The Comic Book Bin. Tom Baker takes a look at all 9 volumes (so far) of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure for the Daily Yomiuri. Deb Aoki settles down with vols. 1 and 2 of High School Debut at About.com. Andrew Wheeler reviews a stack of volume 2s at ComicMix.

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  1. Just a quick correction: I didn’t review Cute Stuff, I just pointed readers to the preview that’s now up on the Vertical site. They’ve posted an entire project so that crafters can test-drive the book before buying it.

  2. Sorry, Katherine. That was a brain-freeze, because I did read the post. I moved it up out of the Reviews section. Thanks!

  3. Editorial Director Gary Steinman has left PiQ magazine, the Newtype USA replacement, shortly before its March launch. And Gia notes that their website is up.

    Coming up in March: SPLAT

    I find this juxtaposition amusing.

  4. No worries! I just didn’t want anyone to be disappointed in what they found.

  5. Check the website for an interview with Shintaro Kago


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