Josei manga, sound effects, and Dean Koontz

The villagers pick the best of this week’s new manga at Comics Village. David Welsh makes his choices as well and then adds a few more.

Johanna Draper Carlson takes a quick look at the state of josei manga at Comics Worth Reading and asks readers to suggest titles she may have missed, which makes for an interesting comments thread.

Previews talks to Dean Koontz about his upcoming comics, including Queenie Chan’s take on Odd Thomas.

Fruits Basket translators Althea and Athena Nibley write about sound effects in manga at Manga Life.

If the grey skies and melting snow of March have got you down, Bollywood Girl’s Guide to Life suggests some manga therapy.

ICv2 has more on Tokyopop’s deal with manhwa creator Hee Jung Park. A few notes on this: They actually announced this at San Diego last year, but obviously they plan a big push. I just read Fever and the art is beautiful. I’ll write a proper review soon, but suffice it to say that this book is worth your ten bucks. Miranda at Prospero’s Manga gives it four stars with a bullet. I was hoping I could send you to the website for a preview, but they don’t seem to have one up yet.

Charts news: Vol. 28 of Naruto checks in at number 73 on the USA Today Booklist, the only manga on this week’s list.

Do American and Japanese readers see things differently? Neil Cohn applies science to comics.

News from Japan: Canned Dogs notes the unexpected death of mangaka Yorishiro Tomiyuki, who had just started a new manga in Comic REX. ANN reports that Nanae Chrono, creator of Peace Maker, is starting a new manga about horse racing, Paka Run, which will run in Mag Garden’s Comic Blade. And George Morikawa’s new manga will be a Hajime no Ippo spinoff.

Ai Yazawa tops the list of favorite mangaka in Oricon’s latest poll.

At the Sunny Side Up Anime Blog, huamulan03 lists Yuu Watase fanlistings.

Time to start thinking ahead: Here’s the skinny on Yaoicon and a contest for those who pre-register for Anime Expo.

Not manga, but she’s one of our own: Ninjaconsultant Erin Finnegan is interviewed on CBS News about a weird weight-loss website she joined.

Reviews: Johanna Draper Carlson reviews Aurora’s new Teen Love manga, Voices of Love and Ed Sizemore checks out the breast-fest vol. 1 of Ral Grad at Comics Worth Reading. Here’s this week’s linep at Comics Village: Dan Polley on vol. 5 of Kitchen Princess, Charles Tan on vol. 2 of Death Note, John Thomas on Tekkonkinkreet, Lori Henderson on vol. 2 of Andromeda Stories, and the singly-named Sabrina on vol. 1 of Antique Bakery. BrianP gets a laugh from vol. 1 of Crayon Shinchan at MangaCast. EvilOmar posts a handful of Midweek Manga Reviews at About Heroes. At Anime News Network, Carl Kimlinger isn’t crazy about vol. 1 of Hell Girl. Lissa Pattillo has no trouble seeing Invisible Love, at Manga Jouhou. Ferdinand yawns at Please Miss Yuri and laughs at vol. 1 of Crayon Shinchan at Prospero’s Manga. Erica Friedman reviews vol. 2 of Maria’s Wink, an anthology of Maria-sama ga Miteru doujinshi, and the light novel Shiroyuki Gakuen Oneesama Itadakimasu! at Okazu. At the Manga Maniac Cafe, Julie is meh about vol. 7 of Inubaka but “thoroughly enjoyed” vol. 1 of Yakuza in Love. Ben Leary gives thumbs up to vol. 1 of Outcast and Danielle Van Gorder enjoys Crushing Love at Anime on DVD. Holly Ellingwood reviews vol. 2 of Wild Ones and Sandra Scholes looks at vol. 3 of In the Starlight at Active Anime. At Manga Life, Matthew J. Brady reads vol. 1 of With the Light and Tekkonkinkreet, and David Rasmussen reviews vol. 1 of Dino Wars. Connie reads and comments on vol. 9 of Saint Seiya, vol. 10 of Law of Ueki, and vol. 6 of After School Nightmare at Slightly Biased Manga.

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  3. I did? Sorry, Erin. I had a heap of deadlines in the past two weeks so I slipped a bit. I’ll link to them today. Don’t know how I missed that.


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