Eye-openers for Monday morning

Here’s a bit of free manhwa to start your week off right: Dark Horse is putting Shaman Warrior online for free, a chapter at a time.

Johanna Draper Carlson asks what people think of PiQ magazine and gets a robust response.

Lianne Sentar reviews all of Netcomics at Sleep Is For the Weak.

Jake Forbes explains how the serial format gave him the freedom to develop a new character at Gobblin.net.

At Completely Futile, Adam Stephanides writes about The Music of Marie (Marie no Kanaderu Ongaku) and comments on an interesting numbering convention; Xavier Guilbert chimes in with more in comments.

ComiPress has the nominees for the 12th Osamu Tezuka Culture Awards, including Nana and Yotsuba&!

Tokyopop will be publishing the three-volume Speed Grapher manga, plus a novelization of the anime, which was recently released by FUNimation.

Erica Friedman presents the week in yuri at Okazu.

The Ninjaconsultants have a new podcast up.

The U.S. State Department has labeled an untranslated educational manhwa as “anti-Semitic,” because of several scenes in which the author asserts the Jews run the media and, well, everything else. The story comes via Journalista, where Dirk Deppey notes that the manhwa-ga, Rhie Won-bok, apologized last year and the publisher pulled the book from circulation.

Tom Baker of The Star of Malaysia reports on tours of Japan for American manga fans.

Blogger Kagehime points out some manga that deserve a bigger following (although both are in Japanese only).

News from Japan: At MangaCast, Ed lists BL titles due out this month from Japanese publishers. Canned Dogs reports that Azuma Takeshi, who I assume is a doujin artist, has a story in Shounen Sunday. Also, new magazine Ultra Jump Egg has a number of mascots that rotate on their web page, including one by Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure mangaka Araki Hirohiko. ANN brings news of a new detective manga, Deka Wanko (Detective Puppy), by Kozueko Morimoto, to run in You magazine, and a shoujo manga, Hatsukoi Shinan (Instructions for First Love), by Yu Yabuuchi, starting up in ChuChu.

Monster mangaka Naoki Urasawa will be teaching manga classes at Nagoya Zokei University of Art & Design.

If you read German, check out this article about German comics artists, which claims that most draw in the manga style. (Via Deutsche Mangaka.) DM also reports (in English) on the latest manga news from Germany.

Manly Manga and More lists the 2007 bestsellers from German publisher Carlsen.

Oddity of the day: A sales incentive worked a little too well on one fan in Japan, who bought 398 copies of Shounen Sunday in order to get the Sakuya card inside.

Job board: DMP is looking for an entry-level sales and marketing administrator.

Attention bloggers: 801 Media is looking for reviewers. (Via ComiPress.)

Reviews: Lori Henderson reviews vol. 1 of Zombie Loan at Manga Xanadu. Holly Ellingwood enjoys vol. 1 of Pet Shop of Horrors Tokyo and Davey C. Jones checks out vol. 2 of My Dearest Devil Princess at Active Anime. Johanna Draper Carlson reviews vol. 5 of Love*Com at Comics Worth Reading. At Soliloquy in Blue, Michelle gives good grades to vol. 2 of Venus in Love and vol. 19 of Fruits Basket. The Manga Junkie returns with a look at yet another book that’s unlikely to be licensed: vol. 1 of 3-gatsu no Lion. Xavier Guilbert writes about George Akiyama’s Ashura in the French-language zine du9. About Heroes posts a flurry of short manga reviews. At MangaCast, Ed Chavez podcasts his thoughts on vol. 1 of Minima! and vol. 1 of Metro Survive and vol. 1 of With the Light… and vol. 1 of Andromeda Stories, while Mangamaniac reviews Duetto, and Eva reads The Great Adventure of the Dirty Pair. Connie reveals her opinions of Sweat and Honey, vol. 18 of Eyeshield 21, vol. 33 of Dragon Ball, and vol. 3 of Tarot Cafe at Slightly Biased Manga. Sakura Kiss takes a walk on the non-yaoi side with a review of vol. 2 of Walkin’ Butterfly at The Yaoi Review. Kethylia is unimpressed by Menkui! At Precocious Curmudgeon, David Welsh compares and contrasts the Tokyopop and ADV versions of vol. 1 of Your and My Secret. Erica Friedman reads a light novel, vol. 1 of Strawberry Panic! and an untranslated manga, vol. 1 of Hakodate Youjin Buraijou Himegami, at Okazu. At the Sunny Side Up Anime Blog, huamulan03 reviews the shoujo manga vol. 1 of Shiawase Kissa3-chome (Happy Cafe). Julie checks out vol. 7 of Beauty Pop and vol. 1 of Selfish Mr. Mermaid at the Manga Maniac Cafe. At About.com, Deb Aoki reviews vol. 1 of Fever, a lovely new manhwa by Hee Jung Park.

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