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At PopCultureShock, Katherine Dacey posts the Weekly Recon, her roundup of new manga and quick reviews. David Welsh has his list up as well. At Comics Worth Reading, Johanna Draper Carlson notes that Del Rey is releasing vols. 1 and 2 of Fairy Tail simultaneously. And at Icarus Comics, Simon Jones (still NSFW after all these years) takes a peek at the April Previews Adult.

John Jakala notices that manga have taken over the graphic novel section of his local chain bookstores and wonders why general journalists are still writing about Marvel vs. DC.

Matt Blind previews his top 500 manga list at Comicsnob.

Queenie Chan updates her readers on her Odd Thomas manga (it’s complete and in production) and reminds them about the The Dreaming fanfic contest.

At Same Hat! Same Hat!, Ryan notes the passing of Japan scholar Miriam Silverberg.

The Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation will hold a symposium on the past, present, and future of the anime and manga industries in the U.S. at the Tokyo International Anime Fair, which takes place in two weeks.

More news from Japan: ANN has the top selling manga of the past week and the details on the new magazine Shonen Rival, which will feature an Initial D side story and lots of manga by creators that will be familiar to American readers.

The Daily Yomiuri reports on the popularity of Japanese pop culture in South Korea.

Reviews: Lianne Sentar defends Death Note and defenestrates Zig*Zag at Sleep Is For the Weak. At Active Anime, Sandra Scholes reviews vol. 16 of Negima and Davey C. Jones looks at vols. 1 and 2 of Fairy Tail. Chris Mautner looks at two manga that are naughty in different ways at Panels and Pixels: vol.1 of Crayon Shinchan and vol. 1 of Manga Sutra. Julie reviews vol. 2 of Alive and vol. 2 of Apothecarius Argentum at the Manga Maniac Cafe. At Read About Comics, Greg McElhatton reads vol. 16 of Kindaichi Case Files, a series that never gets old for him. Erica Friedman reviews Himitsu Shoujo, a collection of yuri shorts, at Okazu. Deb Aoki reviews vols. 1 and 2 of Fairy Tail at

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