Sakura-con, shoujo, and shelfservice

Gia is liveblogging from Sakura Con and she has some news tidbits. From Tokyopop, she hears about some new titles: Hellgate London, Vassalord, and Silver Diamond, plus a Bizenghast novelization and a new Princess Ai trilogy. And bad news for Kino no Tabi fans: The second volume of that nove is “on hiatus” due to licensing issues. The Broccoli panel was mostly about anime and existing manga, but they did let slip that Koge-Donbo isn’t working on vol. 2 of Kon Kon Kokon because she is too busy with Kamichama Karin Chu. And Viz was a no-show.

Danielle Leigh lists her top five shoujo manga in her latest Manga Over Flowers column. Some of the titles may surprise you! At Precocious Curmudgeon, David Welsh chimes in with his impressions of recent volumes.

The Anime Today folks interview Dallas Middaugh for their latest podcast.

John Jakala has more Slam Dunk compare-and-contrast at Sporadic Sequential.

Jason Thompson announced on his LJ that he will be editing Gankutsou (Count of Monte Cristo) for Del Rey.

Tokyopop will be publishing Tokko, by GTO creator Tohru Fujisawa, beginning in July.

Shelf gratification: If you have ever wondered what 5,000 volumes of manga looks like, go over to Comics212 right now.

The excitement is building about the Manga Taisho awards, and Ed Chavez tells you all about it, and lists the nominees, at the MangaCast. On this side of the Pacific, ComiPress has the finalists for the Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation awards.

News from Japan: Shogakukan’s Shojo Comic magazine is posting over 4,000 pages of manga online to celebrate its 40th anniversary. And the June Jump Square will feature a one-shot manga by Trigun artist Yasuhiro Nightow. And ComiPress rounds up several reports on the Tokyo Anime Fair. ANN is at the fair as well; scroll down for daily updates.

Reviews: Matthew Brady enjoys the batshit craziness of vol. 7 of The Drifting Classroom. Julie reviews vol. 4 of D Gray-Man at the Manga Maniac Cafe. I don’t know why Erica Friedman continues to torture herself by reading vol. 3 of Eternal Alice Rondo, but I’m glad she does, because I enjoy watching her chop this series into little pieces. Matthew Alexander checks out vol. 3 of Puri Puri and Sakura Eries reads vol. 1 of Love Master A at Anime on DVD. Here are two reviews of vol. 1 of Switch, a short one by Nick at Hobotaku, a longer one by Ed Sizemore at Comics Worth Reading. Neither one liked it much, but Ed goes into more detail about why. Also at CWR: Johanna Draper Carlson reviews vol. 9 of Happy Mania and vol. 8 of ES: Eternal Sabbath (scroll down).

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  1. Have to admit im looking forward to nabbing Tokko when it’s released. The anime was butchered by Manga Ent, so i’m hoping TP do a good job on the manga to make up for it. Usually they do a decent job, but occassionaly they come out with some insane garbage *cough*psychic academy*cough*

  2. Your link to the Slamdunk comparison over at Sporadic Sequentia is incorrect; it leads over to ComicBookResources instead? It’s an interesting comparison between the two versions, amazing the difference in tone a word can create. Reminds me I’m still waiting for my TP version of ‘Your & My Secret’…

  3. Thanks, Kuri! I fixed it.