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In this week’s PWCW, Jennifer de Guzman goes comics shopping in three different venues, and what she finds sounds pretty much like the comics market in miniature: a comics store with no graphic novels or manga, a chain store with lots of manga but a disorganized GN section, and a library with a good mix:

This is when I realized that, despite their differences in detail, in their essentials the comic book store and the Borders were very similar. Both catered to specialty audiences, stocking for those customers to the detriment of the diversity—as well as currency—of the graphic novels they offered. Both offer special orders, but I wanted to see the books before I bought them. It was just too soon to make a commitment.

Also at PWCW: Kai-Ming Cha writes about Del Rey’s new Fairy Tail and the multiple versions of Speed Racer, and I talk to Tran Nguyen about DramaQueen’s return from hiatus.

At ComiXology, Kristy Valenti winds up her two-part series on gender and reading habits with a look at how men and women view comics, including manga.

Precocious Curmudgeon David Welsh shares his picks from this week’s new manga, and Julie thumbs through the April Previews at the Manga Maniac Cafe.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette interviews Undertown writer Jim Pascoe.

Erica Friedman writes an open letter to the publishers of light novels, urging them to be realistic about their audience and reach out beyond the circle of manga readers. And Tiamat’s Disciple reports that Tokyopop has put Scrapped Princess on hold, possibly permanently.

Who knew there were so many fans of Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service? At Sporadic Sequential, John Jakala finds a few signs of hope for the much-loved but hard-to-find series, and he links to Mike Richardson’s explanation of why Dark Horse does things the way they do. I have to say I was puzzled by all the comments about their small trim size, but I guess everyone was talking about Lone Wolf and Cub. Every other book I have seen by them has been standard manga size or larger.

Dave White of 741.5 Comics critiques a Japanese book on how to draw American-style comics.

Translator Satsuma has some interesting notes on Shugo Chara! and With the Light.

The latest volume of Eyeshield 21 gets the color treatment! Christopher Butcher posts a sneak peek.

Robots Never Sleep is back, with a roundup of recent reading.

ANN posts the Japanese comic rankings for March 25-31.

Yamila Abraham announces that Aoi Futaba and Kurenai Mitsuba will be guests at Yaoi Jamboree.

Reviews: Carlo Santos has another Right Turn Only!! column up at ANN, with plenty of brief reviews plus a reader favorite. Lianne Sentar of Sleep Is For the Weak really likes the yaoi rollerblading story Slave for Sale. Hung enjoys vol. 1 of My Dearest Devil Princess at the BasuGasuBakuhatsu Anime Blog. Steve Haske of the Daily Vanguard critiques the Street Fighter II manga. The Avid Reader reads vol. 4 of Vampire Knight. Tangognat checks out vol. 1 of Gun Blaze West. Tiamat’s Disciple wraps up a CLAMP series with a review of Magic Knight Rayearth II. Deb Aoki of checks out vol. 1 of Haruka: Beyond the Stream of Time. Michelle enjoys vol. 4 of Nana at Soliloquy in Blue. Rachel Bentham reviews Hot Steamy Glasses and Scott Campbell checks out vol. 8 of Path of the Assassin at Active Anime. Matthew Alexander reads vol. 1 of Blood+ and Danielle Van Gorder enjoys vol. 2 of Spiral at Anime on DVD.

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  1. DramaQueen IS coming back! It wasn’t a joke! This is fabulous news…more DVD and one of the best yaoi titles ever, The Tyrant Falls in Love. I count the days until the end of May.