MoCCA panel online, new manga, and more

Back in December, I moderated a panel discussion on manga at MoCCA, with Del Rey editor Dallas Middaugh, translator Mari Morimoto, Kinokuniya manager John Fuller, and letterer/designer Brad Foltz. In case you missed it (hey, December is a busy month), hike on over to the Ninjaconsultants’ LJ, where they have posted their recording of that evening’s discussion, along with the introduction to Manga Zombie.

David Welsh interviews Michael Perry of Aurora Publishing about that company’s strategy for the American market. Aurora is the American arm of the Japanese publisher Ohzora, and Perry talks about their choice of titles, licenses from other publishers, and retail issues.

Back at home base, David thumbs through the latest Previews to pick the best of the summer comics.

Ed Chavez rolls out this week’s otaku-riffic new manga list at MangaCast.

Avalon’s Willow, of Seeking Avalon, has an interesting post on Claymore and the fact that it features a group of women who all have blond hair and wear the same uniform and yet all look different. (Via The Hathor Legacy, via When Fangirls Attack.)

The Japan Times notes the French release of the wine manga Kami no Shizuku (The Drops of the Gods).

Tokyopop is among the publishers donating YA novels and graphic novels to pediatric hospitals on April 17, which is Support Teen Literature Day. (Via giapet.)

A couple of people have linked to this blog post asking “Is manga porn?” As a couple of people noted, it’s a bogus question. Is the internet porn? Furthermore, the examples of supposedly provocative manga don’t seem to be from actual manga; they look like anime to me, or stand-alone art. They’re slick, generic, and in color. Finally, I’m not sure this particular group of moms is one to talk, when the very next slideshow is “Matt Damon: People’s Sexiest Man Alive.”

Reviews: Jessica Severs of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review enjoyed vol. 1 of Hotel Africa, but Deb Aoki of thinks the translation is clumsy. Ben Leary reviews vol. 1 of Haruhaze Bitter Bop, John Zakrzewski enjoys vol. 1 of Yozakura Quartet,, and Danielle Van Gorder reads vol. 2 of Ai no Kusabi and vol. 4 of Black Sun, Silver Moon, at Anime on DVD. Tiamat’s Disciple provides an overview of vols. 1-10 of RG Veda. Lissa Pattillo reviews vol. 4 of Wild Adapter on Kuri-ousity. D.M. Evans checks out vol. 3 of Wild Adapter at Manga Jouhou. Rachelmanija reviews vol. 1 of Chicago, apparently an older title. Skullduggery has a lengthy, positive review of Bride of the Water God at Zombie Underground. (Last two found via When Fangirls Attack). Julie reads vol. 3 of Alive at the Manga Maniac Cafe. At Okazu, Erica Friedman takes a break from sneezing to explain why she doesn’t like the “moe Yuri” vol. 4 of Yuri Hime S. Holly Ellingwood reviews vol. 2 of Bride of the Water God and vol. 3 of Gunsmith Cats Burst, and Scott Campbell takes on vol. 3 of Shugo Chara! at Active Anime. Ferdinand reviews vol. 1 of Element Line at Prospero’s Manga. Matthew J. Brady loses his macho-ness to vol. 9 of Nana at Warren Peace Sings the Blues. Leroy Douresseaux checks out Death Note 13: How to Read at The Comic Book Bin.

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