Review: Cy-Believers, vol. 1

Cy-Believers 1Cy Believers, vol. 1
By Shioko Mizuki
Rated OT, Older Teen, 16+
Go! Comi, $10.99

Cy Believers is a strange little story. It features some of the most unlikable characters I have ever encountered in a manga, set in an incredibly artificial situation, and yet I liked it anyway.

Shioko Mizuki is the creator of the excellent soap opera Crossroad, so naturally I was expecting more of the same, but Cy Believers heads off in a different direction. It’s set in one of those Japanese boarding schools where an elite student government rules everyone’s lives with an iron hand. When I was in high school, student government was a pretty token affair, but in manga, they are more like ruling juntas, with seemingly unlimited power and a special structure of their own.

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Translate this!

In his latest Flipped column, David Welsh discusses the manga he would most like to see translated.

Danielle Leigh revisits her discussion of scanlations and fansubs, and an interesting discussion ensues in comments about the industry’s reliance on scanlations to build a fanbase for manga.

Tangognat rounds up links to blog posts on the Tokyopop Manga Pilots contracts. And in the aftermath of that heated discussion, John Jakala asks bloggers how they deal with correcting mistakes in published posts.

At Same Hat! Same Hat!, Ryan shares proofs and covers of Tokyo Zombie, which he and SH colleague Evan have been involved in as translators, adaptors, and production guys. (Possibly NSFW, if your workplace has a low tolerance for pictures of a bald guy slapping the head off a zombie.) And: It’s in Previews! Plus: Links to chapter 2 of Dance! Kremlin Palace! (definitely NSFW).

The Ninjaconsultants have audio up of the Fujoshi Wave discussion from Anime Boston.

The Daily Yomiuri has an interesting article on an exhibit of Swedish manga in Tokyo.

Are you a publisher? Or a different type of beast? Christopher Butcher draws the distinction at Comics 212.

A Traverse City, Michigan, children’s museum includes manga in an exhibit about Japan.

Jason Thompson, author of the supremely useful Manga: The Complete Guide, will be appearing at the Mysterious Future bookstore in Santa Rosa, California, on June 8.

News from Japan: The Mainichi Daily News reports that publisher Shogakukan is suspending two manga magazines, Young Sunday and Judy, and is reformulating a third. Meanwhile, Zatch Bell creator Makoto Raiku has left Shogakukan’s Shonen Sunday and is entertaining offers from other publishers, according to ANN. On the brighter side, ANN also reports that ASCII Media Works is beefing up Monthly Comic Dengeki Daioh with new manga by the creators of sola, Honoka Level Up, Chrono Crusade, and Read or Die.

Reviews: Tom Spurgeon finds Red Colored Elegy emotionally difficult but inspiring at The Comics Reporter. Salimbol reviews vols. 11 and 12 of Boys Over Flowers. Xavier Guilbert discusses Lady Snowblood at du9. Erin F. reads vols. 1 and 2 of Yozakura Quartet at PopCultureShock’s Manga Recon blog. Connie checks out the long-awaited vol. 3 of Parasyte and vol. 10 of Moon Child at Slightly Biased Manga. Over at Active Anime, Scott Campbell reviews vol. 4 of My Heavenly Hockey Club, vol. 17 of Excel Saga, and the vol. 1-3 omnibus of Chronicles of the Cursed Sword, and Sandra Scholes reads vol. 13 of Let Dai. Lissa Pattillo checks out vol. 1 of Ghost Hunt at Kuri-ousity. Julie reads vol. 11 of Tail of the Moon, vol. 30 of Boys Over Flowers, and vol. 1 of Toto! at the Manga Maniac Cafe. Greg McElhatton finds that the charm still hasn’t worn off by vol. 12 of Hikaru no Go at Read About Comics. Ikuko Kitagawa writes about the bilingual edition of Division Chief Kosaku Shima for the Daily Yomiuri. (Via The Comics Reporter.) Marina Neira liked vols. 4-9 of Guru Guru Pon-Chan except for the ending, but she has no such reservations about vol. 15 of Dr. Slump. Lori Henderson reads vol. 1 of Pick of the Litter at Manga Xanadu. At Anime on DVD, Sakura Eries reviews the light novel Gosick and Matthew Alexander checks out vol. 11 of xxxHolic. Michelle enjoys vol. 7 of Skip Beat! at Soliloquy in Blue.

PR: Viz to do Naruto chapter books

Now this is a bit more newsworthy: Viz is planning to publish Naruto chapter books, leveraging that profitable franchise in yet another new direction. Tokyopop tried this with their manga chapter books, but while they were attractive books (my nephew loves them), they didn’t really take off. These, on the other hand, are based on Naruto and therefore will probably outsell the Bible. Read on for more.

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PR: Viz goes to BEA

I’m not going to be at BEA this week, more’s the pity, but Viz will be there, and here’s a list of the titles they will be featuring. I don’t think there’s anything here that hasn’t already been announced somewhere else, but it’s an interesting list anyway. There’s also some info on the three panels they will be participating in on Saturday, in case you are lucky enough to be going.

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PR: New volumes from DrMaster

DrMaster has some new books coming out, including two new series, and all the details are below. Following what is rapidly becoming a trend in the manga industry, they are releasing both volumes of the two-volume series Magic Lovers Tower at once.

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Non-Tokyopop news and links

Naruto slips from 48 to 75 on the USA Today best-seller list. No other manga makes the cut this week.

It’s a light shopping week for David Welsh, but he does find a few things to pick up.

Khursten finds an interview with the creator of Saint Oniisan (Saint Young Men), the Buddha/Jesus comedy manga, at Otaku Champloo.

Dirk Deppey has been posting pages from the Japanese magazine Garo all week at Journalista. Scroll down for yesterday’s sample, which should probably regarded as NSFW despite the pretty illusration style. Bill Randall posts his Garo covers as well.

Continuing in this oddball vein, Ryan Sands posts covers of some new titles from the publisher PictureBox. And Ryan is also looking for Your Flesh—the magazine, that is. (Both posts are NSFW.)

Kethylia reminds us that the latest Anime Insider is out, and it features an article by her on the early works of famous manga artists.

Invaeon plans his summer reading at Manly Manga and More.

Shizuki Yamashita spends the day with My Dearest Devil Princess creator Netsu Maika at Fanime. Her sister at One Potato Two covers Fanime from a translator’s point of view.

Who wants to be a doujinshika? Pop Japan Travel is offering a package tour to Comitia that includes not only meetings with artists and a trip to the Ghibli Museum but also printing and translation services for your very own doujinhsi. Details, including a clarification from Pop Japan Travel, at the Manga Maniac Cafe.

News from Japan: ANN has the latest manga rankings. And Kaori Yuki has a new manga series, Guignol Kyutei Gakudan, running in Hakusensha’s Bessatsu Hana to Yume magazine.

Reviews: First stop is ANN for Carlo Santos’ latest Right Turn Only!! column, in which he checks out Cowa!, Haridama Magic Cram School, Toto, and more. Tangognat takes a look at vol. 1 of Pretty Face. Eric Turner reads vol. 1 of Full Metal Panic at Manga Jouhou. At Anime on DVD, Danielle Van Gorder reviews vol. 1 of Restart, vol. 1 of A Wise Man Sleeps, and vol. 3 of Spiral: The Bonds of Reasoning, and Sakura Eries checks out vol. 27 of Iron Wok Jan. Connie reviews vol. 7 of +Anima and vol. 22 of Detective Conan at Slightly Biased Manga. The Boys Next Door blog posts reviews of vol. 2 of Totally Captivated, vol. 2 of Hero Heel, Say Please, vol. 5 of Love Pistols, and Immoral Darkness. Ed Sizemore reads vol. 2 of Manga Sutra—Futari H at Comics Worth Reading. James Hanrahan reviews vol. 1 of Monkey High and vols. 1 and 2 of Fairy Tail, and Ysabet Reinhardt MacFarlane reads vol. 2 of Sand Chronicles, at Manga Life. Anime Fans Online reviews vol. 2 of Wild Ones. Invaeon reads vol. 3 of Kyoko Karasuma at Manly Manga and More. Tiamat’s Disciple critiques vols. 1 and 2 of Aqua, vol. 3 of Zombie Loan, vol. 1 of Croquis Pop, and vols. 1-9 of Girls Saurus. Lori Henderson’s daughter Krissy reviews vol. 1 of Magical Pokemon Journey at Manga Xanadu. It’s ghost story week at Kuri-ousity, where Lissa Pattillo shivers through Eerie Queerie, vol. 1 of xxxHolic, and CLAMP Paranormal Investigators. Holly Ellingwood checks out vol. 3 of Can’t Win With You, vol. 5 of The Gentlemen’s Alliance+, and vol. 33 of InuYasha at Active Anime. At the Manga Maniac Cafe, Julie has vol. 2 of Hell Girl, vol. 4 of Dragon Eye, vol. 5 of Yurara, vol. 15 of The Wallflower, and vol. 1 of Fushigi Yugi Genbu Kaiden stacked on the table. Erica Friedman checks out vol. 1 of Aoi Shiro at Okazu. Ferdinand reviews Maid Machinegun and Haridama: Magic Cram School at Prospero’s Manga. Deb Aoki reviews vol. 1 of The Record of a Fallen Vampire at